URB-E Pro GT: Foldable, lightweight EV you can take with you anywhere

The PRO GT features high-performance torque and acceleration and pneumatic tires for a better ride.

Urban commuting has never been easier with the new URB-E Pro GT electric scooter. This convenient, compact, and easy-to-ride scooter is the ultimate, lightweight form of urban transportation. If you are looking for something to get you to and from work, or to run around town completing your errands, URB-E’s Pro GT might be precisely what you need.


No electric vehicle is complete without some form of increased acceleration – it has to be better than its manual companion. The Pro GT clocks in at about 18 miles per hour, which is perfect for riders who need something that is quick but also convenient. It handles well in most weather conditions but can have a bit of a touchy throttle – it’s best to ease into to it to keep the front wheel from rearing.

The Battery

The Pro GT gets an approximate 20-mile driving range on a full charge, a little less if your trip requires you to drive up many steep hills. The URB-E Pro GT boasts a 50-cell, 35-volt, lithium-ion battery. You can keep the battery locked in place, as you need the key to start the ignition. However, if you wanted to remove the battery, all that you have to do is turn the key once more, and the battery slips out of the front column.

A mobile power source

Not only does the Pro GT get you from point A to point B, but it also acts as a power source for all of your electronic devices. The Pro GT comes fully equipped with four USB type 2 ports, a USB-C port, and an opportunity to adapt two AC power slots. URB-E claims that its Pro GT can hold five MacBook charges and 40 iPhone charges.


Possibly the most defining feature of the Pro GT – it is compactable. Perfect for those who do not have the space to store a bike, the Pro GT is easily foldable, which is excellent if you need to keep it underneath your desk or in a tiny apartment. It also only weighs about 35 pounds, which is perfect if you only have a couple of flights of stairs to climb – or better yet, an elevator. As the Pro GT was built for convenience, it is only fitting that it easily adapts to its surroundings by easily being stowed away until it is time to be used again!

How URB-E upgraded the Pro-GT

As an upgrade from previous models, it is understandable that you are curious as to what they changed since creating the Pro GT. The three key features URB-E changed were mostly focused on the scooter’s overall performance. They upgraded the torque and acceleration, redesigned it with performance enthusiasts in mind, and made it powerful enough to conquer hills.

The bottom line

Those looking to purchase the new Pro GT may be a bit surprised by the jump in price. Compared to the older models, the price jumped significantly, which is only to be expected when the features offered cover a more comprehensive range. Those interested in purchasing the Pro GT can order it online for $2,199, excluding the cost of delivery – financing options are available.