Boardzilla EV4 Mountain Board: Perfect new toy for the outdoor enthusiast

The Boardzilla electric Mountain Board with EV4 tilting system, incredible acceleration and unique suspension design.

We may not yet have the hoverboard from Back To The Future, but we do have the EV4 Mountain Board. While it doesn’t fly, the EV4 Mountain Board is an incredible machine that can take you on a wild adventure. This mini vehicle is sure to make heads turn as it rides down the street and off the beaten path. There’s an absolute reason that it is referred to as Boardzilla.

This board is next level. Electric skateboards are not hard to come by these days. Whether it is an off-road beast or a sleek street racer, these boards are everywhere. EV4’s Mountain Board manages to mix off-road muscle with the control of street board and a dash of EV4’s own style and panache.

The Specs

At 46 inches long, EV4’s Boardzilla Mountain Board is crafted using aviation-grade aluminum. Powered by two 3,500 W motors, the Mountain Board can accelerate to a top speed of 28 mph. The 36V/20 Ah Li-ion battery pack located below the deck keeps the board going for about 25 miles.

At 44 pounds, the Mountain Board is a stable and durable machine designed to let you ride over any terrain you wish. Crafted with safety in mind, the Boardzilla Mountain Board comes in six different colors. Three of those colors are fluorescent to ensure that you are visible to others.

These surfaces are powder-coated, reducing the risk of chipping, corrosion, scratches, abrasions, and fading. Customers are welcome to choose from the brand’s other paint colors, but this can affect the cost of the board.

Built for Control and Stability

To control the board’s speed, the rider uses a wireless, handheld trigger remote that is all-weather approved as it is waterproof. When you are ready for your adventures into the forest, the Mountain Board ensures a limited risk of shimmying or wobbling at high speeds through the mobility of steering knuckles. These allow the wheels to lean into a curve, increasing traction and reducing tire deformation.

Further support is provided on the foot paddles, which ensure an appropriate level of tilt. This feature is easier on the ankles and helps the rider maintain balance and traction as the board accelerates, travels up an incline, or brakes. The board’s 8-inch wheels ensure stability, mobility, and flexibility as riders travel off-road.

Shipped and Ready to Go

Ordering a Mountain Board is simple through EV4. The boards ship entirely assembled, save for those outside of the European Union. Those ordering from countries outside of the EU will receive the battery separately and assemble upon receipt. Instructions are included, and the battery is relatively simple to mount to the board.

Boardzilla Mountain Board comes in at $3,500 (though there is a self-assembly kit available for $1,300, which does not include electric components). Boards ship directly from the EV4 website to anywhere in the world and can take anywhere from 3-7 days to 4-6 weeks, depending on where you live. The board can also be found through select distributors in the European Union.