Ride into the future with the Novus electric motorbike

NOVUS has unveiled a beautiful new electric motorbike.

The future of motorcycles has definitely caught up with the rest of the automotive world as the Novus electric motorbike makes its debut on the scene. Handcrafted from carbon fiber, this e-motorbike has been designed and built from scratch. With a fully integrated design and outstanding power, it is easy to see why Novus has caught the attention of countless motorbike enthusiasts.

The frame

Constructed entirely of a unique frame that is made from a single piece of carbon fiber, Novus is unlike any other electric motorbike on the market. This beautiful sculpture of a frame is lighter and more resistant to torsion than traditional steel and aluminum frames. The frame acts as the support for the rider, as well as a design element for the Novus electric motorbike.

The frame also acts as a protector to all of the electrical components. Any part of the bike that requires electricity is kept safely within the frame to ensure that no damage comes to the necessary electrical elements.

Unbeatable power

The driving performance of the Novus electric motorbike is outstanding. With a peak output of 18 kilowatts and a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour, this bike can achieve 0-50 kilometers per hour in just three seconds. A great deal of the bike’s function is controlled digitally through an integrated smartphone app.

The 4.3 kWh battery is installed in the lower portion of the frame, which helps to lower the bike’s center of gravity. The battery only contributes about 25% of the bike’s total weight. Novus can ride for a range of about 100 kilometers and charges from zero to eighty percent in about thirty minutes.

A digital approach

Through an integrated digital app, riders can control many different functions within the bike. If riders forget their key, they can unlock the bike with the app.

Riders can choose from three different modes on the provided app, all of which help to control the experience and speed of the bike. Base mode limits the power to 7kW and caps the speed at 80 km/h. Super mode limits the capacity to 12kW and limits the speed to 95 km/h. The fastest mode, named God, puts no limit to the power output and allows for a top speed of 120 km/h.

The app also provides information regarding statistics, settings, and other information that the driver may find interesting such as navigation.

How to buy a Novus electric motorbike

Those looking to secure their own motorbike can reserve their own model through the Novus website. It currently costs around 29,900 € + 19 % VAT, which is a total of 35,671 €. That’s a little over $USD 43,000 – Yikes!

Those who are interested can reserve their bike for 100 Euro. Reservations are fully refundable and can be canceled or changed at any time. Before production starts, those who have reserved a bike are notified and will receive a purchase offer.