Spacecamper tent-top ebike micro-RV promises ease and comfort wherever you go

Spacecamper Tent-Top eBike Micro-RV
Spacecamper turns an ordinary ebike into a micro-RV that you can work, lounge and sleep on. Images © Spacecamper

German company Spacecamper is known for creating Volkswagen camper vans that are both ultra-light and flexible. The idea behind these Spacecampers is to create an ideal way for families or friends to travel together in ease and comfort.

And these classic Spacecampers more than deliver on these fronts. However, the company’s latest product announcement could mean more ease, comfort, and flexibility than ever before.

Spacecamper tent-top ebike micro-RV

But what makes this new product special? The Spacecamper tent-top ebike micro-RV is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an electric bike with a deployable tent-top that can be converted into a micro-RV at a moment’s notice. It also sports an adjustable sleeping platform and a mobile workstation.

This Spacecamper ebike micro-RV is built using a Riese and Müller Load 75 with a Dual Battery system that allows for higher climbs and fewer charger breaks. The Load 75 is also famous for its cargo space, all of which the Spacecamper uses to its advantage.

The tent-top ebike is a digital nomad micro-RV that leaves a smaller environmental footprint than even the most efficient RVs. It’s made to be fully portable during the day and comfortable at night.

How exactly does it work?

Spacecamper eBike Micro RV Packed Up
The Spacecamper Bike all packed up and ready to go.

During active travel, the seating module folds easily down into the Load 75’s storage compartment, which can also carry the tarp and tabletop. The spacious compartment can also accommodate the transportation of other camping essentials, such as water and a small cooking stove.

When the Spacecamper ebike micro-RV arrives at its destination, the module can be easily converted into either a front-facing lounge chair or a rear-facing seat. These positions allow for working, relaxing, reading, and more. However, when the user is ready to sleep, the module easily folds out into a full-length bed, allowing a sense of ease and comfort that most would think impossible for an ebike.

The deployable tent-top that sits above the ebike’s frame protects against all types of weather, which is perfect for working or traveling on rainy days. However, there is no reason to not sleep under the stars or work tent-top-free when the weather permits it.

Where did the product come from?

Spacecamper eBike Micro RV Working
The removable tabletop, attaches to the frame atop the folded handlebars to create a dining table and desk.

Co-founder and CEO of Spacecamper, Ben Wawra, truly believes in his products. He uses his Spacecamper bus on a regular basis but had a persistent desire to take his vision onto two wheels.

By working with Riese and Müller and using the Load 75 as inspiration, Wawra and his team were able to find a solution that worked well. From that partnership, Wawra helped create the Spacecamper tent-top ebike. Spacecamper is thrilled about what this new product will mean for forest-hungry city dwellers and others who enjoy the great outdoors.

Pricing and availability

Since Spacecamper only just announced this new product at the CMT camper and travel show in Stuttgart, they are currently unavailable for reservation or purchase, and the price remains unknown at this time. However, if all goes according to Spacecamper’s schedule, updates can be expected soon, and the product may be available as soon as Summer of 2023.

Spacecamper eBike Micro RV Bike to Camp
To go from bike to camp mode, the Spacecamper Bike’s handlebars fold down, and the sleeping platform adjusts into position.


Overall, Spacecamper has created what could be a revolutionary product in the micro-RV industry. Perfect for people who love to get out of the city while retaining comfort and mobility, Spacecamper’s tent-top ebike has undeniable appeal that could significantly change weekend travel and the digital nomad landscape.

Source: Spacecamper