Globe Haul ST: Specialized’s cargo ebike for urban commuters

Specialized Globe Haul ST Cargo eBike
Specialized says that the Globe Haul ST effectively bridges the gap between a standard commuter ebike and an automobile.

In an effort to encourage commuters to ditch their cars and opt for more eco-friendly transportation, Specialized has introduced the Globe Haul ST, the first cargo ebike in their new Globe line. Announced last year, this dedicated effort aims to revolutionize urban commuting with a growing number of high-performance electric vehicles under the Globe banner.

The Globe Haul ST features a one-size low-step aluminum frame with a dual-telescoping seat post and adjustable handlebars, allowing it to accommodate riders between 4.4 and 6.3 ft (1.34 – 1.93 m) in height. The cargo ebike is equipped with a short-tail rear cargo rack that includes a MIK HD interface and rail system. This versatile mounting system allows for various accessories, such as panniers, MIK-ready front rack, rear passenger seat with handlebar and foot pegs, and a rear wheel cover. A double-leg center kickstand ensures parking stability, particularly during loading and unloading of cargo.

Powered by a custom-tuned 700-W rear-hub motor, the Globe Haul ST offers responsive assistance via a torque sensor in the bottom bracket. Riders can choose from five levels of pedal-assist through controls on the handlebar display, which also provides information on speed, distance, battery status, and estimated range. Additionally, the ebike features a 9-speed mechanical drivetrain for enhanced ride flexibility.

The motor draws energy from a 772-Wh battery mounted between the double downtube, capable of supporting up to 419 lb (190 kg) for up to 60 miles (96.5 km) on a single charge. This includes the weight of the ebike and a standard-sized rider. The Haul ST is equipped with 20-inch double-wall alloy rims and 3.5-inch Carless Whisper Reflect tires.

Globe Haul ST Cargo eBike Optional Passenger Kit
The Globe Haul ST offers an optional Passenger Kit, complete with a rear wheel guard, cushioned back seat, footrests, and a U-shaped handlebar for added convenience and safety.

Hydraulic disc brakes with 203-mm rotors provide reliable stopping power, while front and rear fenders protect against splashes and debris. For added safety, an integrated 1,500-lumen headlight and 50-lumen tail-light ensure daytime visibility, and a brass bell is included for alerting pedestrians.

Priced at $2,700, the Globe Haul ST is available for pre-order and comes with a lifetime frame warranty and a two-year electrical warranty for added peace of mind. This cargo ebike joins a growing list of potential car replacements, such as Lectric’s XPedition, Rad Power Bikes’ RadRunner 3, Aventon’s Abound, and Trek’s premium-priced Fetch+ models.

Globe Haul ST Cargo eBike Flexible Storage Seating
Featuring a flexible mounting system and a range of purpose-built accessories, the Globe Haul ST enables riders to customize storage and seating arrangements according to their specific requirements.

As Specialized continues to expand its Globe line of everyday high-performance EVs, the Globe Haul ST marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future for urban commuters. With its versatile design, powerful motor, and extensive range, the Haul ST is poised to become a popular choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Globe Haul ST Cargo eBike Aluminum Frame White or Black
Constructed with a low-step aluminum frame in white or black, the Globe Haul ST features a rear-hub motor with five pedal-assist levels and a battery capable of providing up to 60 miles per charge at full load.

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