Tune M1 camping topper: Innovative flared design with panoramic views

Tune M1 Camper Topper
Tune Outdoors introduces the M1 camping topper, offering an optimal space-to-weight ratio and stunning panoramic glass views. Images © Tune Outdoors

The pickup camping topper market has long been saturated with a multitude of designs and features. However, Denver-based Tune Outdoors has come up with a fresh take on the camping topper with the M1, featuring flared sides for added interior space and an optional glass panorama for a more scenic camping experience.

Weight and competition

Weighing in at 360 lbs (163 kg) for the base model, the M1 is not significantly lighter than its competitors, such as the AT Overland Atlas and the Harker Outdoors EDC. However, Tune Outdoors aims to achieve the best combination of interior space and overall weight, offering a topper with increased interior width and overall volume thanks to its flared sidewall design.

Flared sidewall design

This unique design not only creates more elbow room in the pickup bed but also allows for the transverse positioning of a near-queen-sized 60 x 78-inch (152 x 198 cm) bed in the pop-up area. With the upper bed not consuming all the standing room, users can enjoy a headroom ranging between 6.3 and 6.8 feet (1.9 to 2 m), depending on the M1 model.

Optional extension panels for larger sleeping areas

Tune offers optional extension panels to create larger sleeping areas in full-size pickups like the Ford F-150 or in 5-foot (1.5 m) short-bed midsize trucks like the Toyota Tacoma. The standard M1 bed size for a midsize truck is 60 x 72 inches (152 x 183 cm).

Optional smoked tempered glass windows

The M1 also offers optional smoked tempered glass windows that create a 270-degree panorama. These openable windows run nearly the full length of the lift-gate and sidewalls, offering expansive views from every angle. Panoramic glass has become a popular feature in camper design, and Tune executes it as well as any competitor.

Tune M1 Camper Topper Compatible Trucks Tacoma
The Tune M1 is designed to accommodate trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, with additional compatibility for models such as the Toyota Tundra, Ford Ranger, and F-150.

Potential for lower bed option

While the M1 does not currently feature a lower bed option, its 72- to 78-inch interior width could potentially accommodate one. This addition would create a scenic bunk bed experience, especially if positioned within the triple-window panorama.

Customization and accessorizing

Tune has designed the M1 with accessorizing and customization in mind. The topper includes 450 feet (137 m) of T-track around the interior, roof, and exterior walls, allowing owners to attach a wide array of tools, carriers, and accessories. This extensive track system enables users to fully customize their M1 topper to suit their specific outdoor adventure needs.

Four-season design

Designed for four-season outdoor adventurers who enjoy a variety of wilderness activities, the M1 is built with winter use in mind. The pop-up roof can withstand falling snow, and Tune plans to add a thermal insulator and heater package in the future to enhance its winter-readiness.

Tune M1 Camper Topper Bed
A key distinction between the Tune M1 and other toppers lies in its flared design, which enables the incorporation of a transverse upper bed.

Durability and warranty

Constructed with an aluminum frame and ultra-rugged composite reinforcements at the corners, the M1 is built to withstand various weather conditions. Tune has tested its prototype over 10,000 miles (16,100 km) of harsh terrain and backs the design with a three-year warranty. The topper’s components are also designed for easy bolt-off/bolt-on replacement, ensuring that M1 owners can easily maintain and repair their topper as needed.

Standard and optional features

Standard features of the M1 include an LED light ring around the roof extrusion. Buyers can power it with their own supply or add an available GoalZero power station. An optional roof vent can also be added for increased ventilation, making the M1 a comfortable and well-ventilated space during camping trips.

Tune M1 Camper Topper Bike Shuttle
The Tune M1 is an all-in-one mountain bike transport and accommodation solution.

Compatibility with various trucks

Although the Toyota Tacoma is the most common truck for this type of topper, Tune offers the M1 for a variety of midsize and full-size trucks. The 360-lb (163-kg) weight is for the M1 designed for a Tacoma with a 5-foot (1.5-m) bed, while full-size pickup M1 models start at 450 lb (204 kg). This adaptability makes the M1 an attractive option for truck owners who seek a versatile and customizable camping topper for their outdoor adventures.


Retail prices for the Tune M1 begin at $12,999, which is a competitive price point considering its unique features, customization options, and durable construction. As buyers can choose from various optional add-ons and accessories, the overall cost of an M1 topper can vary depending on the level of personalization desired.

Tune M1 Camper Topper Storage Space
While Tune does not provide kitchen amenities, the M1 is specifically designed to offer ample space for packing various equipment.


In conclusion, the Tune Outdoors M1 camping topper offers a fresh take on pickup toppers with its flared sidewalls, increased interior space, and optional glass panorama. With the ability to customize and accessorize the topper to meet individual needs, along with its compatibility with various truck models, the M1 is an appealing option for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile and comfortable camping experience.

Its unique design features, such as the transverse positioning of the bed and optional extension panels for larger sleeping areas, make the M1 stand out among competitors in the saturated camping topper market. The M1’s durability, backed by a three-year warranty, further cements its place as a reliable and quality product for adventurers who require a rugged and dependable camping solution.

As Tune Outdoors continues to innovate and develop new features and add-ons, such as the thermal insulator and heater package for winter use, the M1 camping topper is poised to become an increasingly popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value comfort, customization, and durability in their camping adventures.

Tune M1 Camper Topper Designed for All Seasons
The M1 by Tune Outdoors is crafted for year-round use, with future plans to incorporate winter-specific add-ons for enhanced functionality.

Source: Tune Outdoors