Radio Flyer folding cargo e-bike

Radio Flyer Folding Cargo eBike
The Flyer Folding Cargo e-bike can haul up to 80 lbs on the rear rack and 25 lbs in an optional front basket. Images © Radio Flyer

The new radio flyer e-bikes are perfect for someone who doesn’t have much cargo space and prefers to bike. These kinds of e-bikes are easy to use, compact, and have a lot of range.

Recently, the Radio Flyer company started to sell electric scooters and bikes for adults, and this is a big result. But Radio Flyer wasn’t always about fancy e-bikes.

The history of Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer is a company that was founded in 1917 by Antonio Pasin. One product was a wagon for children. Radio Flyer first introduced the wagon with a metal frame and wooden slats, which could be used as a toy or as a means of transportation for children and their belongings.

This same red wagon was the company’s most popular product named the red Radio Flyer wagon, introduced in 1922. It has been seen in many movies, and television shows and has been referenced in many books. In the mid-90s Robert Pasin, grandson of the founder, took over as president of the company and began to focus on manufacturing more products that appealed to adults rather than just children.

And this year, Radio Flyer has launched the new Flyer Folding Cargo e-bike.

Introduction to Radio Flyer Cargo e-bike

The Flyer Folding Cargo is designed for portability and compact storage. Whether it’s an adventure or just for fun, this foldable electric bike has you covered. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get around easier with a smaller transport solution. It can fit most adults, ensuring it’s a reliable option for any situation.

Radio Flyer Cargo eBike Folded
The Flyer Folding Cargo ebike can be rolled along on its wheels when folded.

The folding cargo e-bike has a sturdy steel frame and a durable cargo box with a locking lid. The integrated cargo box is also perfect for carrying groceries, deliveries, or anything else you need to transport.

What are the best features of the Radio Flyer Cargo e-bike?

There are a lot of great features that come with this bike, but here are our favorites that we think take this bike to the next level.

Easy to fold and store

This folding bike features a custom design that makes it easy to store. All that is needed is for the aluminum frame to be gently unfolded.

Integrated cargo storage

The Flyer Folding Cargo can haul up to 300 lbs, including the rider, 80 lb on the rear rack and 25 lb in an optional front basket. You can also change the type of ride by using a Storage Basket or Kid & Cargo Carrier, among others to fit your special needs.

Security compartment for tracking

One of the best benefits of the lockable battery is its security-designed hidden storage. This includes a discreet location for placing tracker tags, so bike owners can be more confident about where their vehicle is parked.

There are many features that make this bike so great, including the adjustable seat height, the hand brakes, and the easy grip handles.

How much does it cost?

Radio Flyer Folding Cargo eBike Pedal Assist
The folding cargo e-bike offers 5 levels of pedal-assist from the 350W hub motor, and a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge.

The Flyer Folding Cargo e-Bike is not your average bike. It’s an electric bike that has a motor and can carry up to 80 pounds. The Cargo e-Bike starts at $1,699. It comes in four trendy colors and can be purchased online.

Is Radio Flyer Cargo e-Bike right for you?

A commuter e-bike is fine for trips to work or for leisure riding, but if you leave the car at home more often, a cargo hauler like the Radio Flyer folding cargo e-bike might just be perfect for you.

Source: Flyer Folding Cargo