Boxabl Casita could be your perfect tiny home

Boxabl Casita Tiny Folding Home
Boxabl Casita is a 20' x 20' prefab studio apartment that unfolds from a shipping container size. Images © Boxabl

A Boxabl Casita is a tiny home that can be moved anywhere in the world. It is a mobile, eco-friendly home that has been designed for people who want to live a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle.

The idea behind the Boxabl Casita is to provide people with the opportunity to live an eco-friendly life by reducing their carbon footprint. This can be achieved by living in a small space and having minimalistic belongings.

Boxabl Casitas are made from steel, concrete, and EPS foam, since they are non-degradable and have a long life.

Boxabl Casita’s amazing tiny living features

The Casita comes with many amazing features. They are perfect for people who want to live in a more earth-friendly way because the houses use less electricity and water than traditional houses do.

Boxabl Casita Floor Plan
Floor plan showing the inside of the Casita, which could be combined with multiple modules to create additional configurations.

The best features of the Boxabl Casita are that they are:

  • Water resistant
  • Bug-free
  • Fire resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Fully furnished (including appliances, and plumbing facilities)

and more…

You can also stack and connect these tiny homes if you ever need to expand. All of these features and more make the Boxable Casita tiny home a great option.

How much does a Boxabl Casita cost?

Boxabl Casita is an affordable tiny home that can be purchased on a budget. It is a perfect solution for those who want to live green and save money. The company has recently introduced its first model.

Boxabl Casita Stack Modules
The modules can be stacked to create custom buildings.

The Boxabl Casita Standard starts at $50,000 which includes all of the essentials for living in a tiny house such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. The company also offers customization options to make it even more affordable and perfect for your lifestyle. For example, you can choose to expand your tiny home up or out if you ever need it.

Is living in a Boxabl Casita the right choice for you?

While the Boxabl Casita sounds like a great choice for those wanting to be more green on a budget, living in a boxabl casita is not for everyone.

There are some who would prefer to live in their own space that is roomier, and not so box-like. But if you are looking for an alternative lifestyle, then this might be the perfect choice for you, especially if you are someone who is eco-forward.

Boxabl has a wide range of housing options for every budget and lifestyle. With so many different options, it’s easy for you to find the perfect home that meets your needs and your family’s needs. To own a Boxabl Casita, you can sign up on their reservation list.

Source: Boxabl