Flying car ‘Switchblade’ is ready for takeoff

Samson Switchblade Flying Car
The Samson Switchblade flying car has been approved for takeoff. Images © Samson Sky

Ever had a dream about a flying car? It’s time to enter the Jetsons age, so hold on tight. Samson Sky began creating a flying automobile prototype 14 years back, and they are currently taking deposits for preorders of the finished product. It is no secret that numerous companies are making efforts to introduce flying cars. However, none of them appear to be succeeding in their efforts.

The Samson Switchblade, a quick three-wheeler that can instantly convert into an aircraft, has begun the last phase of flight testing after receiving Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permission for airworthiness. Samson Sky will begin with Switchblade flying car distribution after they successfully complete the last step. Will this flying car have the necessary technical capabilities to rule the roads and the skies?

Many ideas of flying cars are depicted in futuristic films and television shows, leading one to believe that owning a flying car in the actual world is a distant concept for another era. That’s no longer the case, though, because the announcement that the Switchblade flying car, which has been in development for more than ten years, will soon be for sale has piqued the public’s interest.

Earlier this year, Samson Sky, which focuses on domestic flying cars, confirmed that Switchblade had passed the FAA examination. The flying tests are the final hurdle to clear once they have received institutional permission, and once they do, they will move forward with the model’s commercialization.

Even though there are other flying cars on the market, among them the Jetson One from the Swedish company Jetson, if all goes according to plan, the Switchblade flying car will be the first one available in the United States.

Samson Switchblade Flying Car Aerial View
Switchblade (Aerial View)

Switchblade was given its name because of its wings, which resemble the Swiss Army Knife. The Switchblade’s wings can be folded or deployed at the push of a button while the engine is running. This flying car features a unique technology that shuts down the dashboard in the event that the driver accidentally hits the switch button during the flight.

According to the craft’s technical specs, it could fly at a peak speed of 200 miles an hour and an altitude of around 16,500 feet, or over 20,000 meters below the altitude at which most commercial airplanes operate. The company promises the flying car would have a Samson 190 hp liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine employing Skybrid technology.

Samson Switchblade Wings Folded
The tail section folds at the back, while the wings scissor in to stow under the cabin.

The beautiful interiors of the Limited Edition cars will be specially made and feature materials like leather, carpets, metals, wood, and even cutouts of precious stones and diamonds. Additionally available are improved stereos, heads-up displays, security tools, and protection.

The price of the first flying car will be $150,000. There is currently a waiting list available for those who want to buy the Switchblade flying car.

Despite the unknowns, the fact that the fantasy of a fleet of flying cars is going to become a reality is not insignificant, and maybe it is the start of a new world of cars that will extend the spectrum of cars and become a pleasant delight to true gearheads.

Samson Switchblade Front View
Switchblade (Front Three-Quarter View)

Source: Samson Sky