50 mph 3-wheeled electric motorbike meets car

Nimbus One 3-Wheeled EV
Nimbus One is a fully-enclosed electric vehicle that offers car-like convenience in a motorcycle size. Images © Nimbus

In recent years all different types of new vehicles have hit the streets trying to be the most sustainable and efficient option on the market. With the population of the Earth rapidly rising, the need for mobility in tight cities without the use of cars is a pressing issue. The most common tiny vehicles have been E-Scooters and E-Bikes, but lately tiny cars have been hitting the streets. One company, Nimbus, has made a three-wheeled EV that is essentially a combination of a car and a motorcycle.

Who is Nimbus?

Nimbus is a US company that has a focus on “…making our cities greener, more equitable, and less congested”, according to their website. They work to alleviate the transportation problems that typically come with living in big cities such as limited parking and heavy traffic. However, the company also recognizes that carbon emissions are on the rise and damaging to the planet. Because of this, Nimbus is dedicated to helping give consumers better driving experiences all while being sustainable and not damaging to the Earth.

What is the Nimbus One?

The Nimbus One is Nimbus’ answer to sustainable and efficient electric transportation. According to Nimbus, the electric vehicle is up to 3 times greener than a typical electric car. This is due to the fact that the Nimbus One has an estimated 370MPGe in cities, as well as the fact that fewer materials and batteries go into the product as it is smaller.

The design of the EV is sleek and sporty, and comes in both black and white. As for its safety features, the vehicle has all the similar features of a car including a state of the art airbag as well as a sturdy steel frame. The EV has room for two people in total, one person in front driving and the other person in the backseat. It has shoulder room of around 28.5 inches and head room of about 38.6 inches.

Specific aspects of the Nimbus One

Nimbus One EV Interior
Interior of the Nimbus One.

The Nimbus One has a multitude of features that make it unique, including its onboard cameras and new AI that prevents collision. As for more specific technical features of the electric vehicle, the Nimbus One features ABS and traction control as well as a Nimbus One 9 kWh battery, plus an additional 12 kWh battery.

The charge time of the vehicle is around 5 and a half hours while being plugged into a standard household plug. The Nimbus One is a compact vehicle that is around 34 inches wide and 91 inches long.

Nimbus One Compact Easy Parking
The EV promises to slide through traffic with ease, and you could find a parking space virtually anywhere.

Next steps

The three-wheeled Nimbus One is available for pre-order on the company’s website starting at $9,980, or for a rent plan for $200 a month. The company states that “…the Nimbus One costs less than the cumulative costs of gas and insurance of a car.” If you really want to ensure you get your hands on one, you’re also able to reserve one on the website for a fee of $100.

Source: Nimbus