Mini Crosser X-CAB is an all-terrain mobility scooter for the Nordic climate

Medema Mini Crosser X-CAB Mobility Scooter
The Mini Crosser X-CAB is a mobility scooter equipped with enhanced suspension, adjustable seating, and LED lighting, suitable for varied terrains. Images courtesy Medema

The Mini Crosser X-CAB represents a significant advancement in mobility scooters, tailored specifically for the challenging climates and terrains of Nordic regions. This article provides an in-depth examination of its features, design, performance, and customization options, aimed at informing potential users and caregivers about its capabilities and specifications.

Design and build

The Mini Crosser X-CAB is developed on the innovative chassis of the Mini Crosser X model, available in two versions: X1 and X2. Each model is designed with a focus on user-friendly operation and comfort. The X2 is particularly noted for its digital display that includes a tilt indicator, trip counter, and speedometer, enhancing the driving experience with technological support. The X1, while simpler, maintains an intuitive display that is easy to understand for all users.

Both models are equipped with ergonomic four-finger grips and state-of-the-art LED lights that significantly improve visibility during nighttime or in low-light conditions. This focus on ergonomic design extends to the entire build of the scooter, ensuring that users can operate their vehicle comfortably and safely.

Enhanced comfort and utility

A significant feature of the Mini Crosser X-CAB is its superior suspension system, which provides enhanced shock absorption, resulting in a smoother ride over various terrains. This system helps to minimize the impact of uneven surfaces, reducing the vibration felt through the handlebars, which can be crucial for users with sensitive conditions or limited tolerance for jarring movements.

Medema Mini Crosser X-CAB Nordic Climate
The Mini Crosser X-CAB is engineered specifically for the challenging Nordic climate and terrain.

Standard features on the Mini Crosser X-CAB include mirrors and a storage basket, and there is an option to include a heater with a digital display for adjustable temperature control, ensuring comfort in colder climates. The multi-adjustable handlebar is equipped with a universal joint allowing adjustments in angle and height, facilitating an ergonomic and comfortable driving position.

Customizable seating options

The Mini Crosser X-CAB offers a range of seat widths from 35 cm to 50 cm, each adjustable to fit the individual user’s size and preferences. The ERGO2 seat system enhances this customization with features such as adjustable backrest angle and depth. The seat can recline up to 45° backwards and 90° forwards for varied postural support, essential for users with specific therapeutic needs.

Medema Mini Crosser X-CAB Shock Absorption
The Mini Crosser X-CAB features advanced shock absorption, enhancing comfort and stability on uneven surfaces.

Additional adjustments include the ability to swivel the seat for easier access and exit, a crucial feature for users with limited mobility. The seat’s forward and backward movement is facilitated by two sliding rails with rollers, making adjustments effortless and locking securely into place.

Performance and specifications

The robust build of the Mini Crosser X-CAB ensures it can handle various environments:

  • Transport Height: 161.5 cm
  • Total Length: 161 cm
  • Total Width: 76 cm
  • Weight (including batteries, without seat): 217 kg
  • Weight (including batteries and seat): 243 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 15 km/h
  • Turning Radius: 165 cm
Medema Mini Crosser X-CAB All-Terrain
The Mini Crosser X-CAB is designed for all terrains, offering dependable mobility with its durable build and superior shock absorption.

It supports a maximum standard user weight of 175 kg, which can be extended to 200 kg with heavy-duty accessories. The battery options are versatile, with a 56 Ah battery providing a range of up to 35 km, and an 85 Ah battery offering up to 60 km.

Extensive customization and accessories

The Mini Crosser X-CAB stands out for its extensive range of accessories, allowing for significant personalization to meet individual needs. Options include various storage solutions like baskets and bags, support features like cane holders and lap belts, and mobility enhancements like different wheel types and leg supports. Each accessory is designed to enhance the functionality and usability of the scooter, making it adaptable to the varied requirements of its users.

Medema Mini Crosser X-CAB Storage Basket
The Mini Crosser X-CAB offers a variety of accessories, including a storage basket, to enhance convenience and adaptability for different user needs.

Pricing and availability

The Mini Crosser X-CAB is priced at approximately €14,315.90, or about $15,332 USD. This price reflects the advanced engineering, customizable features, and robust build designed to withstand demanding environments and provide reliable mobility.


Since its establishment in 1980, Mini Crosser has been dedicated to providing mobility solutions that enhance the lives of the elderly and disabled. The Mini Crosser X-CAB is a testament to this commitment, designed not just as a mobility scooter but as a comprehensive mobility solution that adapts to the user’s evolving needs. With its strong focus on safety, comfort, and customization, the Mini Crosser X-CAB offers a dependable choice for those seeking enhanced mobility without compromising on quality or performance.

Medema Mini Crosser X-CAB LED Lights
The Mini Crosser X-CAB features advanced LED lights that provide enhanced road visibility in low-light conditions.

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