Build your own house with Gablok insulated blocks

Gablok insulated blocks let you self-build a house.

Quite possibly the closest thing that adults will ever have to Legos, Gablok’s insulated blocks redefine the way that houses can be built. As the cost of building new homes continues to rise, the demand for less expensive and more environmentally friendly homes has increased. Gablok, a start-up based out of Belgium, found a solution that resolves both of those problems.

As Gablok revolutionizes housebuilding, we take a closer look at their interlocking wooden blocks. Especially, how you can use them, and how to get your own! Gablok’s insulated wooden blocks were made to create a more straightforward construction process for building homes. It’s so easy that you can do it yourself without any prior construction knowledge. Keep reading to learn more about these curious and exciting blocks.

What are Gabloks?

Gablok insulated blocks are simple to use, quick to assemble, upgradeable, light, and energy-efficient. Most importantly, they offer a simple and efficient way to build a house by yourself. Created in 2019, Gablok set out to create an insulated wooden frame comprised of various blocks that serve many functions! As a fan of interlocking construction games, Gabriel Lakatos, the company’s founder, gained over 25 years of traditional construction experience before setting off to create something truly original and innovative.

How can you build your own house

Gablok’s concept to self-building homes includes insulated blocks, insulated lintels, and beams, and of course, a customized floor system. This kit, of sorts, allows you to construct your new home’s interior and exterior walls. All items offered by Gablok are required to create and assemble your home. The company delivers them right to your construction site with the necessary installation plan. Before you know it, you have built the wooden frame for your own home.

Gablok’s insulated wooden stacking blocks.

Blocks and pieces included in the construction kit have everything that you will need. The starters are panels that are used to create the first layer on which the insulated blocks connect. Then there are insulated starter blocks that are specifically designed to cap the starter. The standard insulated blocks are protected with graphite and used to construct the majority of the house. In addition to the blocks, there are beams, which are built with three panels and filled with graphite insulation, as well.

The components used to build the floor are an insulated belt block which is designed to connect with the embossed rail, the lintel which is used to create door and window openings, the embossed top rail to accommodate the flooring, and then the floor element which is designed to fit into the embossed rail.

Step by step guide

Gablok offers design plans that highlight how to use its construction method. Once they are completed, you receive a diagram that shows all of the necessary steps to construct your house. By following your plan step by step, Gablok claims that you can have your home completed within a week – with little to no waste.

How to buy

Those looking to purchase Gablok’s insulated blocks have to reach out to the company to receive a free quote as all orders are customized.