World’s first heavy duty 4×4 off-road bus

Torsus Praetorian TG3 4x4 Off-road Bus
The Torsus Praetorian TG3 is a rugged 4x4 off-road vehicle for extreme terrain exploration. Images courtesy Torsus

Built to traverse the most challenging terrains on Earth, the Praetorian from Czech builder Torsus is renowned as one of the world’s most capable large off-roaders. This versatile vehicle, designed for various demanding roles such as search-and-rescue missions, transporting personnel to remote job sites, and even serving as an overland motorhome, has been a significant player in the market since its debut in 2018. With the release of its third generation, the Praetorian TG3, Torsus has introduced substantial upgrades that enhance its performance, comfort, and versatility.

The Praetorian TG3 is built on the robust MAN TGM chassis, a foundation recognized for its durability and capability in extreme off-road conditions. This 28.5-foot-long (8.7 meters) 4×4 bus can accommodate 35 people and features a composite body, upgraded suspension system, and a plethora of features and options packages designed to meet diverse needs.

Key enhancements in the Praetorian TG3

The latest iteration of the Praetorian includes more than 50 technical upgrades aimed at improving its off-road capabilities and passenger comfort. At the forefront of these enhancements is a new air suspension system installed at both the front and rear. This system is designed to provide better on- and off-road composure, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to tackle rough, variable terrain while ensuring a smoother ride for passengers.

In addition to the suspension upgrade, Torsus has improved the chassis-to-body connection with new mounting hardware. This advancement allows for better articulation and absorption of road and trail vibrations, significantly improving interior comfort by taming the harsh terrain below.

Torsus Praetorian TG3 4x4 Off-road Terrain
Equipped with a robust 4×4 system, diesel engine, and advanced air suspension, the Torsus Praetorian TG3 is built to conquer any terrain.

Enhanced safety and comfort features

Safety is a crucial aspect of the Praetorian TG3’s design. The vehicle is equipped with 19.5-inch front and rear disc brakes, providing reliable stopping power. Modern driver-assistance features, including lane detection and a light and rain sensor package, contribute to a safer driving experience.

The interior of the TG3 has also seen significant upgrades, particularly in the HVAC system. The heating circuit is now integrated with the engine cooling system, allowing excess engine heat to be redirected into the onboard heating system. In hot weather conditions, new air vents improve airflow and distribution, ensuring more uniform cooling throughout the cabin.

Torsus Praetorian TG3 4x4 Off-road Bus Interior
The interior of the Torsus Praetorian TG3 is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 35 passengers.

Upgraded cockpit and maintenance accessibility

The driver’s cockpit has been redesigned for improved ergonomics and functionality. A higher-lifting front hood facilitates better maintenance and repair access, while new windows and mirrors enhance visibility. An electric driver access step further adds to the ease of use.

The TG3 also includes a 12-tonne 30-meter front winch, which can be a critical tool in rescue and recovery operations. These enhancements reflect Torsus’ commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, driven by the philosophy that “a hungry wolf is stronger than a satisfied dog.”

Torsus Praetorian TG3 New Air Suspension
Torsus introduces new air suspension and upgraded chassis mounts, enhancing passenger comfort and all-terrain performance.

Unchanged powerhouse and drive modes

Despite the numerous upgrades, the heart of the Praetorian remains unchanged. It is powered by MAN’s 6.9-liter six-cylinder diesel engine, which delivers an impressive 848 lb-ft (1,150 Nm) of torque. This power is managed by a 12-speed Tipmatic ZF AStronic transmission and a heavy-duty 4×4 system featuring front, rear, and inter-axle differential locks. Drive modes such as “Efficiency,” “Emergency,” “Off Road,” and “Low-Range” allow the Praetorian to adapt to a wide range of challenging environments.

Torsus Praetorian TG3 Water Wading
Praetorian TG3 demonstrates its rugged capability by effortlessly wading through the water.

Market availability and pricing

Torsus has already started production of the Praetorian TG3, with initial launches in markets including Germany, Spain, and Ukraine. The vehicle is available in three variants: Shell, Transporter, and Minesite, with a total of 14 different seating configurations. Prices for the Praetorian TG3 start at €223,510 (approximately US$240,150).

Torsus Praetorian TG3 4x4 Off-road Bus Dashboard
The TG3 features a redesigned driver area with an updated dashboard, gear shifter, and controls.


The Praetorian TG3 by Torsus stands out as a top-tier off-road vehicle, combining robust engineering with enhanced comfort and safety features. Its latest generation brings substantial improvements, making it even more capable of handling the most demanding off-road tasks. Whether used for search-and-rescue missions, remote job site transportation, or overland adventures, the Praetorian TG3 is designed to meet and exceed expectations.

Source: Torsus