Ultra-light, foldable, self-balancing electric scooter for your last mile

UrmO is an ultra-light, foldable, self-balancing electric scooter for your last mile.

Streamlining everyday commute is a major challenge in urban centers. Issues surrounding carbon emissions and the increasing car density in these centers have encouraged more people to turn towards public transport systems. But the distances between train stations and bus stops aren’t exactly close. And buses are not totally immune to the traffic of rush hours. The Urmo Electric self-balancing scooter is a bold attempt to solve the commuting problem in urban centers. Its unique folding mechanism and lightweight means it can transform from a scooter into a briefcase in a matter of seconds. There is surely no better, more sustainable means of covering short distances.

Design and driving

The UrmO is a self-driving electric scooter that weighs only 6.5kg. The scooter is capable of accommodating a maximum load of 120kg. With its tiny weight and two-second folding technology, you’ll never come across a vehicle that is easier to carry about. You can ride it to the bus station, put it in your car trunk or under your desk at the office, take it to the recreational park; it’s a world of endless possibilities.

The scooter comes with an AI-based steering technology that makes navigating even the sharpest bends as easy as pie. Simply turn your hips to the desired direction and the scooter is automatically steered towards that direction. This ensures comfortable navigation while keeping your balance on the scooter. The regenerative braking technology makes it easy to control the scooter’s speed. If you desire more comfort while riding the scooter, you can equip your ride with the optional handlebar. This affords even more balance while cruising on the scooter. You may need it while learning to get used to your new ride although most of the test subjects felt comfortable without the handlebar.

Performance and specifications

The electric scooter is equipped with a 280 Wh battery that boasts a charge time of just two hours. At full charge, the scooter can cover all of 20km; more than what you need for your short-distance commutes. The scooter is capable of clocking a maximum speed of 15 km/hr giving you the chance to arrive at that business meeting on time.

The UrmO is equipped with two sturdy 14-inch wheels that enable the scooter to retain its balance even on very rough surfaces. The tires feel air-filled like your standard bike tires but they never get flat. You can ride freely on virtually every surface without losing your balance.

Where to buy

The scooter is currently at the crowdfunding stage and its campaign on Kickstarter is already recording impressive figures. Most of the pledges that offer the scooter as a reward are already exhausted but you can check to see your options. The company is expected to start shipping the product around October 2019.