R30 Folding Mobility Scooter by Di Blasi

You can fold/unfold the R30 mobility scooter fully automatically, with the simple press of a button.

A lightweight, battery powered, three wheeled, portable scooter that automatically folds when a button on the side of the seat is pressed.

Building sustainable means of commuting is the new focus of the transport industry. Enough damage has already been done by the carbon emissions from cars and other transport vehicles. Moreover, there is no space to park more cars. Some cities already have limits on the number of cars that can be registered while many others are looking to adopt the system. There is a crucial need to develop means of commuting that do not rely on fossil fuels, and would occupy little space. The Model R30 Folding Mobility Scooter by Di Blasi is an example of such daring innovations, and it solves the current transportation problems in many ways.

A unique foldable mobility solution

Have you ever imagined literally folding a vehicle in the trunk of your small car? For many years, this concept seemed far-fetched. However, Di Blasi’s model R30 allows you to do just this. This means you can take your car to work but you may not need it when going for lunch, or anytime you need to run a short errand. Alternatively, if you do not want to take your car to work at all, you could use the R30 as long as your workplace is within a 24 km range.

It is important to highlight the difference between a folding scooter and a demountable scooter. As the name implies, you can reduce the dimensions of a folding scooter by simply folding it. For a demountable scooter, however, you’ll need to loosen screws and detach component parts if you are to reduce the overall dimensions. This makes things a tad more difficult when you need to use your scooter on the go. The model R30 is a folding scooter and you couldn’t dream of a better mobility solution. It folds by simply pressing a button on the side of the seat.

Features and specifications

The R30 is designed to give drivers easy access and ensure they enjoy a comfortable ride. Driving the scooter is easy as pie. All you need to do is turn on the switch and press the lever. The lever doubles as the speed regulator. If you are worried about safety and stopping, the automatic mechanical brake and the manual electric brake have you covered.

The folding scooter comes with a lithium battery and a device that can tell the battery charge. At a full speed of 6 km/h, a fully charged R30 boasts a range of about 24 km. The scooter comes with only one seat and can accommodate a weight of 100kg or less. With the battery in place, it weighs 26.5 kg while weighing 23.6 kg without the battery. The width is just 62cm, making it suitable for narrow spaces. The ease of driving is further enhanced by the 58cm turning circle and the reverse gear.

With four optional ball casters, you can easily move the scooter around when folded. There is also room for a wide range of accessories including a footrest extension, cover, cane holder, and much more.

Pricing info

Updated 29th June, 2021: To buy the Di Blasi R30 electric folding mobility scooter or for further inquiries, you can visit the official Di Blasi website.