Tonke EQV redefines digital nomading with innovative e-camper van design

Tonke EQV Nomad Electric Camper Van Kitchen
In the latest EQV Nomad, Tonke substitutes its traditional rotating indoor/outdoor kitchen with a three-component slide-out layout. Images © Tonke

When Tonke launched its Mercedes-Benz EQV Touring in 2022, the electric camper van was lauded as one of the most impressive innovations in the recreational vehicle industry. Yet, the Dutch company has not rested on its laurels. To provide consumers with more affordable options without compromising on the value of Mercedes’ EV technology, Tonke introduced the EQV Adventure base model and now, the EQV Nomad. A fine blend of features from its predecessors, the EQV Nomad is an all-electric camper van designed to facilitate the lifestyle of digital nomads and outdoor enthusiasts.

A creative spirit has been at the core of Tonke’s products, and the EQV Nomad is no exception. Notably, this model comes with a versatile induction cooktop replacing the traditional gas stove. This is a significant shift away from the Adventure’s tailgate-mounted camper-in-a-box kit with a dual-burner gas stove. The induction cooktop is housed within a unique, flexible sliding kitchen that can be conveniently used both indoors and outdoors.

The simplicity and functionality of the Nomad’s kitchen design are major attractions. It incorporates a three-block kitchen stack secured to the floor behind the driver’s seat. With its induction cooker-topped midsection and the multipurpose kitchen top, this arrangement can be utilized inside the van or slide out for al fresco cooking.

The kitchen’s top unit serves dual purposes: it can cover the dual-burner induction cooktop and act as a food prep counter. It even accommodates a collapsible basin sink for use with a jug of water when the cutting board top is removed. More than just a cooking space, the kitchen top can slide further inward behind the swiveled front passenger seat, transforming into a workstation. This feature makes it perfect for the modern digital nomad who requires a convenient space for laptop work.

Tonke EQV Nomad Electric Camper Van Sliding Top
Tonke’s innovative kitchen design features a versatile sliding top that functions as a countertop, basin, and workstation.

Standard power supply to the induction cooktop is through a 230-V campground hookup. However, for off-grid cooking and powering essential gadgets like laptops and smartphones, Tonke provides an optional EcoFlow power station with an integrated inverter and 230-V outlet.

The EQV Nomad offers additional comfort with a three-seat rear bench that converts into a bed measuring 57 x 80-in (145 x 203-cm). Unlike the Adventure’s rear tailgate kitchen, the Nomad’s bed stands above an optional tailgate drawer system, providing ample storage space for a 31-L fridge, luggage, camping gear, and more.

Tonke EQV Nomad Electric Camper Van Optional Drawer System
Tonke forgoes the rear pull-out kitchen and its accompanying gas stove, paving the way for an optional storage drawer system.

Under the hood, the Nomad is powered by Mercedes-Benz’s 201-hp electric drive, offering an estimated range up to 224 miles (360 km), ensuring long uninterrupted trips powered by sustainable technology.

From a pricing standpoint, Tonke has effectively bridged the gap between the Adventure and Touring models. Priced at €77,019 ($85,750), the EQV Nomad offers a more affordable alternative to the €90,588 ($100,120) Touring model, while providing more features than the €73,919 (approx. US$81,700) Adventure model. Considering the innovative kitchen/workspace, the Nomad may indeed provide the best overall value in the lineup.

Tonke EQV Nomad Electric Camper Van Cook Indoor Outdoor
Tonke’s EQV Nomad, a mid-range camper van, replaces LPG with an induction cooktop, enabling indoor and outdoor cooking.

Potential enhancements to the EQV Nomad include a pop-up sleeper roof, the EcoFlow power station, a compressor fridge, rear drawers, interior window curtains, and an additional van seat. For those interested in experiencing the Nomad firsthand, Tonke will be offering an EQV demo day at its Terheijden, NL headquarters on Saturday, August 5.

Tonke EQV Nomad Electric Camper Van on the Road
Each EQV camper van features a standard fixed roof and a single bed, with the option to include a pop-up sleeper roof.

Source: Tonke