Hupi solar-topped ebike camping trailer for multi-day tours

Hupi Solar eBike Camping Trailer
The Hupi is specifically engineered for compatibility with eBikes, with two suitable Leader Fox options offered by FCVC. Images © FCVC

In recent years, a niche market has been developing around bicycle RVs – initially the domain of cycling enthusiasts willing to engage in DIY projects, these bicycle RVs are rapidly becoming more mainstream, encompassing both towable models and those likened to motorhomes. Stepping into this evolving market space, a Finnish invention – the Hupi trailer – presents a fresh perspective on the eBike camping trailer.

Crafted with a fixed-roof caravan design, the Hupi trailer towers 59 inches (150 cm) above the ebike saddle, thus carving out an interior space more generous than your average bike camper. Inside, it boasts a bedroom and a tiny dinette, while on the roof, the solar kit offered converts sunlight into energy to power various internal accessories and also keep the eBike charged for the next ride.

Behind the Hupi is inventor Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa, a DIY enthusiast, who conceptualized it as a solution to utilize his gifted ebike for a multi-day trip, rejecting the idea of tented accommodation. This wasn’t a makeshift project thrown together with leftover plywood. Instead, Merranmaa dedicated more than 5,000 hours to the design, testing, and refinement of this trailer, ultimately culminating in an insulated aluminum-skinned trailer that is as sophisticated and polished as any motor vehicle caravan you might spot at a campground or a dealership.

Distinctive from many other bike campers, which either unfold at the campsite or offer only minimal space to sit and lie down, Merranmaa’s design incorporates a lofty, fixed roof, sturdy walls, and a step-through door. The interior of this trailer, resembling classic caravan forms such as the Eriba Touring or Winnebago Hike 100, may not offer adult-size standing room. However, with its 51-inch (131-cm) ceiling, it provides just enough space to maneuver through the door and take a seat on the edge of the bed.

Hupi Solar eBike Camping Trailer Inventor Urpo Merranmaa
Urpo “Upi” Merranmaa, the inventor of the Hupi trailer, embarks on a ride with the trailer hitched behind.

The Hupi cabin’s layout exhibits an RV-style convertible dinette, designed for a two-wheeler. At night, the bed occupies the entirety of the interior, accommodating a single cyclist, while in the morning, it flips up against the front wall, serving as a cushioned bench seat. The underside of this bed section also holds a foldable table to facilitate dining or work.

Originally meant to be a personal camper for Merranmaa, the Hupi, with the Finnish Commercial Vehicle Center (FCVC) based in Lahti, has found its way to the marketplace. The Hupi trailer generated significant interest during its showcase at the Lahti caravan show, leading FCVC to offer it at a base price of €5,990 (approximately US$6,650).

Hupi Solar eBike Camping Trailer Bed
The Hupi provides a sleeping area for one cyclist, with a bed that occupies the entire interior’s breadth and length.

While some bike campers accommodate both regular bicycles and ebikes, the 150-lb (68-kg) Hupi is exclusively designed for and marketed to the ebike community. FCVC offers several Leader Fox electric fat bikes compatible with the Hupi, starting at €3,290 ($3,650).

Hupi Solar eBike Camping Trailer Dining Workstation
In daylight hours, the bed’s end is tucked away, thereby forming a space for entry and a dining or workspace.

Optional add-ons include a 150- to 250-W rooftop solar panel, a 20-Ah battery onboard, and a 300-W inverter for powering available interior and exterior lighting, and a compact mini-fridge. The electrical systems can also charge the ebike battery, extending the journey and powering devices such as laptops or smartphones. Other options include a propane stove, a portable grill, a skylight, and a planned television.

Hupi Solar eBike Camping Trailer Rooftop Solar Panels
The optional solar energy system can power features such as indoor lighting, a compact fridge, and device charging.

With the Hupi trailer, sustainable outdoor adventures take on a whole new form, offering a unique blend of comfort and practicality for the modern, eco-conscious traveler. Check out the English-subtitled video below to learn more about the ebike camping trailer.

Source: FCVC