Future of housing: Unveiling of the world’s largest 3D-printed housing development

Wolf Ranch Largest 3D-Printed Housing Development
The 3D-printed model at Wolf Ranch distinctly showcases "ribbed" walls, a characteristic imprint of the 3D construction technique.

A groundbreaking step in 3D-printed construction technology, Wolf Ranch, is on track to be a significant milestone in the mainstream acceptance of this innovative technique in the United States. This ambitious project situated near Austin, Texas, has recently completed its first model home, providing a promising glimpse of what’s to come as the first group of residents is set to arrive in September.

Promoted as the world’s most extensive development of 3D-printed homes, Wolf Ranch is a venture spearheaded by homebuilding giant Lennar and Icon, a 3D-printing specialist. In addition, the internationally renowned Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has lent its architectural expertise to the project. Wolf Ranch forms part of a larger plan by Hillwood Communities Development, which will integrate traditional and 3D-printed homes in a unique, mixed-use community.

The development includes 100 3D-printed single-story homes, varying in size from 1,500 to 2,100 square feet (approximately 140 to 195 square meters). Buyers can choose from eight different floor plans, all featuring either three or four bedrooms and two or three bathrooms. The design aesthetics take inspiration from the classic Texas ranches, infusing a blend of tradition and technology.

The showcased model home serves as a window into the future of 3D-printed living. At first glance, it appears to be a regular modern home, but upon closer inspection, the distinctive ribbed walls indicate its 3D-printed origin. The interiors are light-filled and spacious, thanks to generous glazing and an open living area with an included kitchen.

Wolf Ranch Largest 3D-Printed Housing Living Area Kitchen
The 3D-printed model home at Wolf Ranch boasts a spacious living area complemented by a centrally-located island kitchen.

These homes aren’t just about aesthetic appeal and architectural innovation; they also incorporate eco-friendly and smart home technology. A solar panel system will offset the homes’ reliance on the grid, while smart home tech features include a Ring Video Doorbell, a Wi-Fi-operated lock, and a smart thermostat.

Wolf Ranch Largest 3D-Printed Housing Patio
The 3D-printed model home at Wolf Ranch incorporates an outdoor patio for leisure and relaxation.

The construction process employs Icon’s proprietary Vulcan 3D printers, which build the basic home structure by extruding a cement-like material named Lavacrete in layers. Traditional building methods then supplement the process to add finishing touches, including roofing, doors, and windows.

Wolf Ranch Largest 3D-Printed Home Bedroom
Depending on the chosen design, homes at Wolf Ranch offer as many as four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

At present, Wolf Ranch offers six completed 3D-printed homes for purchase. Prospective buyers can expect pricing to range from US$475,990 to $559,990. For those eager to take a closer look, virtual tours are available, enabling a comprehensive view of what these cutting-edge 3D-printed homes have to offer.

Wolf Ranch Largest 3D-Printed Home Interior Wide View
The 3D-printed homes at Wolf Ranch are priced between $475,990 and $559,990.

Source: Icon