Cmax foldable mobile housing units can be assembled in just 11 minutes

Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing
Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing offers quick, tool-free assembly and versatile applications from emergency shelters to glamping. Images courtesy Cmax

Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing offers innovative solutions tailored for a wide array of applications, from mobile clinics and emergency shelters to recreational camping and event hosting. This in-depth examination explores the design, functionality, applications, and unique aspects of these foldable, mobile units.

Design and assembly features

One of the standout features of Cmax units is their ease of assembly, which requires no tools and can be completed in just 11 minutes. The process involves simple steps: setting up the telescopic legs, unfolding the sides, and securing the main crossbar. This design not only streamlines setup but also enhances portability. The units, when stored, occupy a mere 3 feet of space, expanding to a 14-foot living area capable of comfortably accommodating up to eight people.

These units are designed with durability in mind, capable of withstanding strong winds and adverse weather conditions. Their design includes a rigid, raised floor that prevents collapse, ensuring stability and safety for occupants.

Spacious and comfortable interiors

Cmax units are distinguished by their high ceilings, approximately 7 feet in height, which allow for ample headroom, making the space feel open and comfortable. This feature is complemented by cross ventilation, which promotes natural air circulation, reducing the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting. This not only makes the units more energy-efficient but also helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing High Ceilings
Cmax units feature 7-foot high ceilings, enhancing comfort with natural light, air circulation, and ample space for activities and storage.

Versatile applications

The versatility of Cmax units makes them ideal for multiple uses:

  • Emergency and disaster relief shelters: Quickly deployable, these units provide immediate relief by serving as temporary housing in disaster-stricken areas.
  • Mobile clinics and hospitals: These units are invaluable in medical outreach, particularly in remote or temporary settings, including as pre-triage units during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Glamping and recreational use: For outdoor enthusiasts, these units offer a luxurious and comfortable camping experience, enhancing the traditional camping adventure with modern conveniences and protection from the elements.
  • Events: Their quick setup and teardown make them suitable for various events, providing reliable, temporary spaces that can be used virtually anywhere.
Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing Quick Assembly
Cmax units elevate convenience with ground-raised design, 11-minute tool-free assembly, and compact flat shipping and storage.

Technological innovations and biosecurity

Each unit incorporates cutting-edge technology, including biosecurity measures enhanced with nanotechnology. This feature is critical, particularly for mobile clinics, as it ensures a clean and safe environment, essential for preventing the spread of infections and diseases.

FAQs: Addressing common inquiries

Can it be deployed on uneven ground?

The Cmax units are equipped with telescopic legs that allow for individual adjustments up to 60mm (2.36 inches). This capability ensures stability and levelness on uneven surfaces, making them adaptable to various terrains.

Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing Ultra-Portable
Cmax units transform from a compact 3-ft storage space to a 14-ft living area, easily transportable by truck and capable of sleeping eight.

What sets Cmax apart from traditional tents or campers?

Cmax units blend the flexibility and ease of tents with the robustness of campers. They are designed to accommodate modern amenities such as air conditioning, charging stations for electronic devices, and secure locks to protect belongings, offering a superior alternative to traditional camping solutions.

Assembly Process

The units require no tools for assembly, making them incredibly user-friendly. They can be set up in less than 11 minutes by just two people, following straightforward steps that include unfolding and securing components.

Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing All-in-one-Box Rapid Deployment
Cmax’s ‘All-in-One Box’ offers flat-pack, rapid deployment for immediate crisis response and reduced shipping and logistics costs.

What is the 11 to 1 program?

Cmax System Inc., in collaboration with the Cmax Foundation, operates an 11 to 1 program where for every eleven units sold, one is donated to the Cmax Foundation to house displaced families in refugee camps, further underscoring the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Pricing and contact information

While specific pricing details are not listed, potential buyers are encouraged to contact Cmax directly through their provided contact forms or email addresses. This direct engagement allows customers to receive tailored information and quotes, ensuring they understand the cost implications and features of the units before making a purchase.


Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing Clinic
Cmax units are ideal for mobile clinics, providing clean, scalable, and safe environments for medical screening, triage, and comprehensive healthcare services.

Cmax Foldable Mobile Housing units represent a significant advancement in portable, versatile housing solutions. They meet a range of needs, from disaster response and healthcare to recreation and event hosting, providing a reliable, comfortable, and efficient alternative to traditional structures. With a strong emphasis on social responsibility and technological innovation, Cmax continues to redefine the possibilities of mobile housing.

Source: Cmax System