The future of home offices: Anthony Hodson’s geodesic Dzome pod

Anthony Hodson Dzome Geodesic Pod Home Office
Anthony Hodson restores work-life balance with reclusive garden office pod. Images courtesy Anthony Hodson

In an era where working from home has become the new normal, carving out a dedicated space to facilitate productivity and maintain work-life balance is crucial. Enter the Dzome, a remarkable innovation by Manchester-based freelance designer Anthony Hodson. Featured in the latest series of “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces,” Hodson’s steel geodesic pod is not only a visually stunning piece of architecture but also a refreshing approach to a home office space.

Inspired by nature and the intricate spirals of a barrel cactus, Hodson’s design is predicated on the Fibonacci sequence. Rejecting the mundane rectangular or cubical spaces typically found in homes, the Dzome adopts a faceted, curved form reminiscent of a geodesic dome. More than just an office, this multifunctional space can be repurposed as a music or gaming room, a sleeping pod, or even a tranquil yoga space, establishing a tangible connection between the user and their natural surroundings.

Constructed from weatherproof steel segments overlapped in a geometric arrangement, the Dzome emerges as a versatile haven, both inviting and secluded. It took over two years and a budget of £15,000 – slightly over Hodson’s initial budget of £12,000 – to transform the Dzome from a concept to reality. But the result, as noted by George Clarke, is a “relaxing cocoon of creativity,” a “fantastic space,” and “one of the most brilliant home offices.”

Hodson meticulously designed the Dzome with 1,500 components, featuring off-the-shelf aluminium doors, double-glazed windows, and 75mm insulation. He brought natural light indoors via a bright skylight, enhanced by a unique LED circular light placed underneath. To ensure coziness during the colder months, infrared underfloor heating is installed. The interior’s wooden panels, lined with birch plywood, are attached with Velcro for easy detachment to reach cables.

Anthony Hodson Dzome Geodesic Pod Skylight
Dzome’s skylight invites natural light into your secluded workspace pod.

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, Hodson’s ingenious design included aspects that optimize space usage and create a harmonious ambiance. The floating desk at the back enhances the perception of floor space, while a large houseplant adds a touch of greenery, reinforcing the theme of integrating the outdoors. The exterior LED lights, manufactured with a 3D printer, further highlight the structure’s unique form.

Before manufacturing the actual structure, Hodson crafted a miniature prototype from aluminium sheets costing £1,000. After creating technical drawings for the myriad of parts, he had them laser-cut and prepared all the plywood using his new CNC router. Upon the arrival of the parts, Hodson conducted a test assembly in his workshop before disassembling, painting, and shipping them for onsite construction.

Anthony Hodson Dzome Geodesic Pod Wood Panels
With Velcro attachments, Dzome’s birch plywood-lined interior panels offer convenient access to hidden cables, merging function with design.

For 2023, Hodson plans to create a limited edition of 10 office pods available for purchase. Though initially designed as a personal solution for his home office, the project has morphed into a potential business venture. “My dream is to manufacture and sell many Dzomes and for the business to be a success,” he shared. Hodson’s vision for the future might just be the answer for those seeking a unique, dedicated, and personalized work-from-home solution.

Hodson’s Dzome underlines the possibilities of incorporating thoughtful design, mathematical principles, and a touch of nature into the workspace. Offering a serene and efficient working environment, this unique, self-contained pod reinvents the concept of the traditional home office and establishes new norms for work-life balance. Hodson’s dream could ultimately shape the future of home offices and small-space architecture.

Anthony Hodson Dzome Geodesic Pod Illuminated at Night
Illuminated in the night’s embrace, the Dzome stands as a beacon of creative design and functionality – redefining the essence of home offices.
Anthony Hodson Dzome Geodesic Pod at Night
A stunning fusion of nature and design, Dzome draws inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence and the spirals of a barrel cactus to create an exceptional workspace.

Source: DZOME