Pivotal Helix eVTOL set for July deliveries – no license required

Pivotal Helix eVTOL
The Pivotal Helix, a single-seat eVTOL PAV, offers a 20+ mile range and a cruising speed of 63 mph. Available for July 2024 delivery without needing a license, mandatory training is required prior to receipt. Images courtesy Pivotal

The concept of personal flight has always captured the human imagination, symbolizing freedom and innovation. Recently, this field has seen substantial advancements, notably with the introduction of electrically powered Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The Pivotal Helix stands out in this burgeoning market, marking a significant milestone as it prepares for its first customer deliveries in July.

The evolution of eVTOL aircraft has been remarkable. Since 2016, the World eVTOL Aircraft Directory has grown from featuring a mere handful of designs to listing over 1,000 eVTOL concepts by 2024. This rapid expansion highlights a growing interest and investment in this technology, underscoring its potential to reshape how we think about personal and commercial flight.

Among the myriad of designs and concepts, the Pivotal Helix has emerged as a leader by transitioning from concept to production rapidly. This aircraft not only represents a significant technical achievement but also demonstrates the viability of eVTOL technology for practical use. Its scaled production units are set to be delivered starting in July, with the company already having made its first commercial sale in October 2023.

The United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has shown keen interest in the Helix, ordering eight aircraft and two flight simulators for evaluation. The AFRL’s focus is on testing the Helix’s capabilities for a range of missions that include surveillance, special forces operations, and emergency response. This indicates the Helix’s potential versatility and reliability in critical and high-stakes environments.

Pivotal Helix eVTOL Trailer Cart
The Helix’s full potential is unlocked with the trailer and cart set-up included in the premium packages priced at $240,000 and $260,000. This setup allows a swift transition from trailer to sky in under 30 minutes, and vice versa.

The Helix is currently one of several eVTOL designs undergoing rigorous testing by the AFRL. It is specifically being evaluated for its capability in remote-controlled missions, among other applications. Pivotal has also hinted at future developments, including a larger two-man version with 12 rotors and an autonomous cargo model capable of carrying over 450 pounds.

Pivotal’s trajectory in the eVTOL industry is guided by its CEO, Ken Karklin, who joined the company in 2022. With a robust background in unmanned aerial vehicle production at AeroVironment, Karklin’s expertise is set to propel Pivotal forward, particularly in autonomous flight technologies. His experience, especially in supplying small autonomous aircraft like the Raven and Switchblade to the military, is a clear asset to Pivotal’s strategic direction.

Pivotal Helix eVTOL In Flight
The Pivotal Helix soars through the sky, showcasing its sleek design.

This direction also hints at broader applications for the Helix beyond personal transport, targeting logistics and military uses. The potential for an autonomous version of the Helix suggests a strategic pivot towards becoming a significant player in the supply of military and commercial unmanned aerial systems.

Pivotal Helix eVTOL Sepcifications
The Pivotal Helix is a lightweight, single-seat eVTOL, tipping the scales at 348 lbs, designed for pilots up to 220 lbs and 6 ft 5 in tall.

Financially, the Helix is positioned as a more accessible option compared to other aircraft in its category. Priced at $190,000, it offers a more economical alternative to traditional helicopters and other crewed tiltrotors like the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey, which costs approximately $92.6 million per unit. This price point not only makes the Helix an attractive option for individual and commercial buyers but also underscores the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using eVTOL technologies.

Pivotal Helix eVTOL Packages
The Pivotal Helix is available in three versions, priced at $190,000, $240,000, and $260,000, all set for July delivery exclusively within the U.S.

As Pivotal gears up to begin deliveries of the Helix, the outlook for eVTOL aircraft is increasingly optimistic. With advancements in technology, reductions in costs, and expanding applications ranging from personal flight to military operations, the eVTOL market is set to transform the aerospace industry. The Pivotal Helix is at the forefront of this transformation, promising an exciting future for aerial mobility.

Pivotal Helix eVTOL Take-Off
The Pivotal Helix readies for takeoff, poised to redefine personal air travel with its cutting-edge eVTOL technology.

Source: Pivotal