Karbikes: The innovative fusion of bicycle and car for urban commuters

Karbikes Bicycle Car
Karbikes is a dynamic fusion of bicycle and car designed for modern urban mobility. Images courtesy Karbikes

In the bustling city of Strasbourg, a city renowned for its extensive cycling network and a high percentage of bike journeys, a new vehicle concept is taking shape that could redefine urban commuting. The innovation comes from Karbikes, a company that aims to blend the practical aspects of bicycles with the comfort features of a car, thus creating a unique vehicle for daily use.

Karbikes offers a novel solution for those looking for an environmentally friendly way to navigate through the city, without sacrificing comfort. This vehicle is designed to protect its riders from wind and rain, providing a stable and secure form of transportation with its four-wheel design and robust chassis. Whether it’s for running errands, transporting children, or a simple outing with a significant other, Karbikes promises versatility through its scalable space.

One of the standout features of Karbikes is its comprehensive weather protection. The vehicle is equipped with a partially convertible bodywork that includes a retractable trunk, roof, windows, and doors, ensuring that users can adapt the bike to suit varying weather conditions. This feature addresses a common concern among cyclists – the reluctance to ride in adverse weather.

Safety is paramount in the design of Karbikes. The vehicle boasts a metal chassis that encloses passengers, contributing to a lower risk of accidents typically caused by the loss of balance, a common issue in conventional two-wheeled bicycles. Karbikes also offers enhanced visibility, similar to that of a city car, and includes safety features such as lockable doors, an alarm system, horn, stop lamp, and flashers.

Karbikes Bicycle Car Convertible Bodywork
The vehicle features partially convertible bodywork with retractable trunk, roof, windows, and doors, adapting to various weather conditions.

The rear of the vehicle includes a versatile seat that can either accommodate an adult or two children, and the storage space is designed to securely hold groceries or other goods, adding to the practicality of the vehicle. For power, Karbikes is equipped with a 250 W electric motor assisted by a 750Wh battery, boasting an initial range of 75 km. This range can be extended through the vehicle’s solar panel and the energy recovery system utilized during braking.

Karbikes Bicycle Car Family Model
The Family model of Karbikes transports an adult or two children along with groceries in this eco-friendly car-bicycle hybrid.

The company offers two models of Karbikes: a single-seater aimed at professionals, which features a 1m3 storage capacity and a Valeo engine capable of transporting up to 200kg, and a two-seater model designed for families. This family model can transport up to two children or one adult, along with groceries. An optional solar panel on the roof can increase the vehicle’s range by 50% during sunny days, providing additional autonomy and reducing the need to recharge.

Karbikes Bicycle Car Single-Seater Model
The Karbikes Single-Seater model offers 1 cubic meter storage capacity and 200kg load capability.

Behind Karbikes is a team led by eco-driven engineers Gaelle Richard and Lucas Vançon, who have combined their expertise and passion for cycling to develop this innovative mode of transport. Their commitment stems from a desire to offer practical solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and low-carbon world.

For those interested in Karbikes, the vehicles are tailored to be compact—three times more compact than a standard car and adaptable to cycle paths. This design not only makes it more agile than traditional vehicles but also perfectly suited for the urban environment.

Karbikes Bicycle Car Construction
Karbikes boasts a sturdy metal chassis and four-wheel stability, ensuring a safe and durable build for urban commuting.

As of now, pricing information for Karbikes is not explicitly mentioned, but interested customers can contact the company directly for more details on costs and customization options. With its blend of practicality, safety, and sustainability, Karbikes stands poised to make a significant impact on how people think about daily commuting in urban settings.

Source: Karbikes