TitanSpin 80-in-1 Titanium multitool splits into magnetic utility cards

TitanSpin Multi-Tool Fidget Spinner
Customize your TitanSpin by choosing from five unique cards to assemble the perfect toolkit for your needs. Images courtesy Gadget On

In the world of multitools, where functionality meets portability, the latest innovation from London-based Gadget On introduces a unique and versatile solution. The TitanSpin, launched on Kickstarter, is not just another addition to the multitool market; it’s a modular, highly customizable toolkit designed to meet a broad range of needs, packaged in a compact and interactive format. This 80-in-1 titanium multitool stack distinguishes itself by splitting into individual magnetic utility cards, each serving different functions, from everyday fixes to specialized tasks.

Unlike conventional multitools, which typically fold out from a single frame, the TitanSpin consists of several titanium cards, each slightly smaller than a credit card. These cards feature a magnetic ring that allows them to be stacked and spun, adding a playful twist as a fidget spinner. Crafted from grade 5 titanium using CNC machining, the cards promise durability and precision.

The TitanSpin is structured around themed utility cards. The base card, known as the Daily Dynamo, features essential tools such as a variety of wrenches, a SIM card ejector pin, a bottle opener, saw blade, and a protractor. The inclusion of a spinner at the center of this card not only enhances its functionality but also plays into the current trend of fidget toys, providing a tactile experience.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Outdoor Odyssey card includes tools specifically aimed at outdoor activities, such as spoke wrenches for cyclists and a straight-edge knife and saw for campers. Meanwhile, the Tech Titan caters to the needs of tech-savvy users with features like SIM card slots, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and memory card holders, making it an essential companion for digital professionals.

TitanSpin Multi-Tool Fidget Spinner 5 Cards Stacked
The fully assembled TitanSpin, with all five cards stacked, weighs in at 125 g.

The Survival Specialist card is equipped with survival gear, including a signal mirror, a sundial compass, and a Morse code SOS signal rendering, among other tools. This card is invaluable for adventurers who might find themselves in survival scenarios. Additionally, the Angler’s Ally card provides specialized tools for fishing, including a hook releaser, line cutter, and scale remover.

One of the innovative aspects of the TitanSpin is its modular nature, which allows users to customize the stack according to their daily needs or specific activities. While some tools like the protractor and serrated knife appear on multiple cards, this redundancy ensures that users can tailor their toolkit without carrying unnecessary weight.

Currently, the TitanSpin is available for backing on Kickstarter, where it has already significantly surpassed its initial funding goal of £8,000, reaching over £33,250. Early backers can obtain the Daily Dynamo card for a pledge of £45 (approximately US$57). A pledge of £108 (about US$135) includes the base card plus any two additional cards, and the complete set of five cards is available for £168 (around US$210). After the early bird phase, these pledge amounts will increase slightly.

As this is Gadget On’s debut Kickstarter campaign, potential backers should exercise the usual caution associated with crowdfunding projects. If the campaign continues successfully, shipping of the TitanSpin is expected to commence in September.

Source: Kickstarter