Wearable adapters allow cyclists to clip into clipless pedals using everyday shoes

ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter
Simplify your daily commute or event attendance by ditching the hassle of carrying extra shoes or sporting uncomfortable bike footwear post-ride. Images courtesy ClipClap

Clipless pedals have long been a staple for serious cyclists, offering unparalleled efficiency and power transfer. However, wearing clipless cycling shoes off the bike can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Enter ClipClap, a German company revolutionizing the cycling experience with its innovative bike wearables.

ClipClap offers a simple yet ingenious solution: wearable adapters that allow cyclists to clip into clipless pedals using everyday shoes. Unlike traditional clipless systems that require specialized footwear, ClipClap adapters provide cyclists with the freedom to ride in their favorite sneakers or dress shoes while still enjoying the benefits of clipless pedals.

At the heart of ClipClap’s design is its ease of use. The adapters can be effortlessly clipped onto the pedal while the rider is in motion, and they stow away discreetly when not in use. This plug-and-play functionality makes them ideal for urban commuting, where convenience is key.

The adapters come in two versions to accommodate different types of clipless pedals: the two-hole Explore model for mountain and gravel biking, and the three-hole variant for road cycling. Regardless of your preferred riding style, ClipClap has you covered.

ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter Any Shoes
Experience the freedom to wear your favorite shoes while benefiting from clipless pedaling’s advantages.

One of the key concerns with any cycling accessory is weight, but ClipClap has managed to strike a balance between functionality and portability. While not ultralight at 11.3 oz (320 g), the adapters are certainly lighter and more compact than carrying around an extra pair of shoes. This makes them perfect for cyclists who value efficiency and minimalism.

But ClipClap isn’t just about convenience—it’s also about sustainability. The company uses recycled materials in its products, including inner tubes for high-grip areas of the straps and recycled plastic components throughout the build. By promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle, ClipClap is paving the way for a greener future.

ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter Cleat
Easily attach the correct cleat to your ClipClap wearable, then clip in effortlessly, mirroring the process with bike shoes.

Since its launch last year, ClipClap has received widespread recognition for its innovative design, including a 2023 German Design Award. The company offers its adapters for €79 (about US$85) per pair, with shipping available throughout the European Union. Additionally, ClipClap sells select pedals and cleats, as well as bundles that include the adapters, pedals, and cleats for added convenience.

ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter Stow Easily
ClipClap adapters stow easily, offering a more convenient solution than carrying additional shoes.

In conclusion, ClipClap’s bike wearables offer a practical solution for cyclists looking to streamline their commute without sacrificing performance. With their intuitive design, lightweight construction, and commitment to sustainability, ClipClap adapters are poised to revolutionize the way we ride. Whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling rugged trails, ClipClap has the gear you need to transform your cycling experience.

ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter German Design Award 2023
ClipClap won a German Design Award in 2023.
ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter Adidas Sneakers
ClipClap adapters, seamlessly paired with Adidas sneakers.
ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter Components
ClipClap components.
ClipClap Wearable Pedal Adapter Better Pedaling Platform
Upgrade your pedaling experience beyond standard soles with ClipClap adapters.

Source: ClipClap