Electric street vacuum cleaner operates with no noise and zero emissions

TSM ARIA 240 is an electric waste vacuum cleaner that operates with no noise and zero emissions.

There are numerous outdoor vacuum cleaners but we doubt if any of the models you have seen is as interesting as the ARIA 240. Operating with no noise and zero emissions, this prized innovation from TSM is the perfect vacuum cleaner for all outdoor cleaning requirements. It is suited for use in both public and private areas, allowing cleaning operations at any time of the day. The noiseless nature means it can be used amidst a crowd without causing a nuisance. The aesthetics are top notch and the design and specifications of the device ensure it can cater for all outdoor cleaning contingencies. With sturdy tires, disinfectant nozzle, easy curb mounting, and many other outstanding features, the ARIA 240 has got it all.

Design and Features

The giant ARIA 240 electric vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 240L universal bin. This ensures it has enough space that can accommodate the amount of waste you would expect to meet on large expanses of land. The bin comes with a plastic bag holder that makes it easy to trash all the waste collected after a good day’s work. The bin is easy to attach and detach, just what you would want from any vacuum cleaner.

To further facilitate easy cleaning, the ARIA 240 features a standard cleaning and automatic onboard system that allows smooth functioning without stopping to clean the filter. The automatic cleaning system ensures the filter is never clogged and you can vacuum away for as long as you want.

Carbon hose with a large bore

The ARIA 240 boasts a study carbon hose with a large bore. The bore is large enough to accommodate varying sizes of dirt. From fallen leaves to plastic water bottles, you can trust the ARIA 240 to give you the best cleaning experience. Attached to the base of the hose is a swivel with a small wheel. This ensures the operator uses little to no mechanical strength while moving the carbon hose around.

To prevent the clogging that could come with long and curved hoses, there is a hose support arm that keeps the hose in an elevated position. In addition to preventing obstruction, the support arm further minimizes fatigue by bearing a large part of the hose’s weight. Additionally, there is a 30L water tank that supplies water to the safety water nozzle attached to the carbon hose, making the machine effective for both wet and dry dirt.

Other features of the ARIA 240

Variable vacuum power: You can always max out the vacuum power when you are about to suck in the heavy wastes. To preserve battery life, simply switch back to the lesser power modes when working with leaves and cans.

Brooms kit and a bulky waste bin: If you encounter waste that cannot be sucked in through the carbon hose, you can pick them up with the broom kit and drop in the large side bin. Exactly what you would do for a pair of pants lying in your lawn.

There is no doubt the ARIA 240 would be of great service to you. The only downside seems to be the large size and weight. It would take an agile individual to operate the device since the driving is manual.

Pricing info

To learn more about the ARIA 240 or to request a price quote, visit the TSM official website.