Neo-Dyne self-loading and tilting motorcycle ramps

Neo-Dyne motorcycle ramp can load a bike of up to 550 kg to a height of up to 150 cm. Images © Neo-Dyne

If you’re someone who needs to frequently load their motorcycle(s) onto the back of a truck or into a van, then a solution that makes that easier can feel hard to come by. People resort to unsafe methods because they’re frustrated they can’t find the perfect tech partner to solve their problem. This is where Neo-Dyne comes in, with its amazing selection of self-loading and tilting motorcycle ramps.

Neo-Dyne ramps are the best because they’re driven entirely with cordless tools. Moreover, there’s no need ever to drill holes or draw wires in your vehicle’s cargo area. They’re made from aerospace-grade aluminum for maximum durability but accessible weight. When loading they’ll hoist your bike up before sliding neatly into place. When unloading you just draw the ramp out straight and then gently tilt it back down – all with cordless tools.

Neo-Dyne offers 3 different ramp models: AUN 100, AUN 150 “Hybrid,” and AUN 200. “AUN” name stands for Aluminum UNiversal.

AUN 100

The AUN 100 is the shortest of the 3 ramps. It’s ideal for street bikes and compact motorcycles no more than 6.5-ft long (2 meters). Because of its short length, it can even be mounted sideways in larger vehicles. This adds a convenient loading feature if getting the ramp around the back is tricky for some reason. With extenders fitted, the AUN 100 can reach down to the ground from a height of 1.3 meters, or 4.3 feet.

AUN 150 “Hybrid”

The AUN 150 gets its “Hybrid” name from the fact that it borrows the short base ramp from the AUN 100 and the long tilt ramp from the AUN 200 (see below). The mixture of the 2 components makes it ideal for use on America’s favorite vehicle – the pickup truck – as well as on other short-bed but high-height vehicles like Jeep Gladiators.

The AUN 150 can reach down from heights of up to 1.5 meters with extenders fitted, which is 4.9 feet. Neo-Dyne can even cut the base ramp to fit your exact vehicle loading bed with its tailgate down, allowing you to load up bikes with no overhang and thus no added or undue pressure on the loading bed.

AUN 200

The AUN 200 delivers to you what is considered a standard-sized ramp of 2.5 meters (2500mm, 8.2 feet) and can load for heights up to 90cm (2.95 feet) and a loading bed of up to 8.2 feet. That specification is usually ideal for most standard pickup trucks, but if you have a crew-cab model with a shorter bed, then as with the AUN 150 “Hybrid” you can cut the base ramp down to match the length of your cargo bed with its tailgate down.

Pricing and availability

Prices for each of the models (including tax) are as follows:

  • AUN 100 €2,631.75 – $2,868
  • AUN 150 “Hybrid” €2,680.15 – $2,921
  • AUN 200 €2,716.45 – $2,961

Learn more about each ramp and how to order yours by visiting the Neo-Dyne website today.