HipStar hands-free travel cart: Your new adventure companion

HipStar Hands Free Travel Cart
The HipStar hands-free travel cart attaches to your hip with a harness. Images © HipStar LLC

As the world has begun to open up after the instability over the last couple of years, more and more people are traveling again! Seeing new places, making new memories, and visiting with friends and family drive people to venture out again!

One of the biggest shocks that many have had since starting to travel again is just how much work is put into carrying luggage! While you could use a hand cart at the airport, you have to track them down and pay for them at the little corral. Plus, you have no idea how many people touch those carts daily. And if we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years, germs spread fast through commonly used areas!

These are the issues that HipStar aims to address. HipStar is the best hands-free, lightweight, collapsible travel cart. It’s been designed to use basic mechanics to shift where you carry a load of your bag so that something that might weigh 50 lbs only feels like you’re moving one lb! Its innovative design allows you to bring it anywhere you can think to use it.

Travel Mode

The mode that makes HipStar unique and innovative is travel mode. Strap your bag to the cart and adjust the bars to fit your height and hips, and you’re ready to go! By putting the weight on the wheels, you distribute it to the best load-bearing area on your body, making towing your luggage around a breeze.

Backpack Mode

Encounter some rough terrain on your way to your accommodations? Don’t even sweat it! The HipStar quickly converts from travel mode to backpack mode to give you the stability to make your way through uneven ground and rock gardens.

HipStar Backpack Mode
Backpack Mode

Suitcase Mode

Sometimes you have to maneuver through tight spaces when traveling on public transportation. Buses and trains can get pretty crowded, so using travel mode may not be best for these situations. Thankfully, the HipStar can fold quickly out of travel mode into suitcase mode! With suitcase mode, you can easily tow your luggage around by hand while also reducing the footprint of your HipStar. It will give you the flexibility to go anywhere with your HipStar!

HipStar Suitcase Mode
Suitcase Mode

Final Thoughts

As you can see, HipStar is one of the most versatile travel aids you can purchase. Save your back and energy for having fun on your trip instead of moving around your luggage! HipStar is exclusively available on the popular crowdfunding campaign website Indiegogo.com, and has already smashed their backing goal!

There are still HipStars available at each reward level. Pricing starts at $339 and gives you a discount of 15% of what HipStar will retail at after the crowdsourcing campaign. You can get more significant discounts the higher you go in reward packages! So consider letting your friends and family know about it to see if they’d go in on it with you and save everyone money!

Be sure to claim your HipStar today as the reward levels are all limited, and there’s a limited time that the campaign will run!