Ecocapsule: Smart, self-sustainable microhome

Ecocapsule Self Sustainable Microhome
Ecocapsule is a smart, self-sustainable micro-unit, which utilizes solar and wind energy. Images © Ecocapsule

In these turbulent times, more and more of us are dreaming of getting off the grid. People wish to experience a simpler, self-reliant life of mobility, flexibility and freedom. Technological limitations have often prevented people from doing that. However, one Slovakian company is trying to make it a reality for millions of people with their amazing Ecocapsule.

What is the Ecocapsule?

Ecocapsule is a self-sustaining micro-unit. It uses solar and wind energy to power itself while offering comfortable and efficient living space for its owners. Far from just being a futuristic looking trailer for vacationing, the Ecocapsule is being marketed as a versatile self-contained solution to many needs: pop-up retail or accommodation, mobile research stations, mini cottage, home office in the garden…the list goes on. This versatile product is making the tiny-home revolution truly mobile.

Self-sustainable Ecocapsule: Key features

Ecocapsule makes use of solar cells to provide up to 880W of power. On top of that, there’s a low-noise wind turbine that provides 750W of power day or night. It’s placed on a telescopic pole that makes transportation safe and easy. The two power options work to charge a 9.7 kWh battery.

Besides generating its own electricity, the Ecocapsule also collects rainwater. The round shape of the unit ensures rainwater flows to collection tanks, where it is then filtered for your use.

Ecocapsule interior features

The interior is a total of 8.2 square meters (88.3 square feet), with a gross usable area of 6.3 square meters (67.8 square feet). In total it sleeps 1-2 people, and the unit weighs up to 2000-kg or 4409-lbs when it has full water tanks. It’s made from insulated fiberglass shells laid across a sturdy steel framework.

It features the above-mentioned electrical and water collection/filtration systems, as well as an AC and heating system, a smartphone-controlled home system interface, data network connection, waterless separating toilet, and a full complement of high-quality furniture: desk, cabinets, racks, folding bed and mattress, kitchenette, cabinets, and a baggage cabinet.

Available in 2 Models

Currently, the Ecocapsule is available in two different versions:

  • Ecocapsule Original – from €79,900 ($90,140)
  • Space by Ecocapsule – from €49,900 ($56,289)

What’s the difference between the 2 models? The Original is a fully off-grid, smart and sustainable system that can be used for just about anything you can imagine. It works as a remote accommodation option, add-on to an existing property, mobile or pop-up business location, and more.

Ecocapsule allows you to stay in remote places.

The Space by Ecocapsule unit is more affordable, but only semi off-grid. It’s not as flexible in its scope of application as the Original, but it carries the same beautiful designs and space, but at a more affordable rate. It’s ideal for those who have a more fixed and permanent idea for the unit such as installation in the garden as guest accommodation, or a separate home office.

You can learn more about Ecocapsule at the company’s website, as well as their upcoming product, the 6PACK, which offers a compact, instant plug-and-play energy solution to mobile homes and tiny houses of all shapes and sizes.