Jackery Portable Power Stations

Jackery Portable Power Stations
Jackery Explorer 240 and Jackery SolarSaga combo can be perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Previously, power storage was only possible with the lead-acid battery-based devices. However, the invention of Lithium-ion batteries has changed this narrative. Power stations that rely on Li-ion batteries are cheaper and can store more power than their lead-acid counterparts. It is no surprise therefore that they are becoming a common feature in home emergency kits, camping gear, and among all adventure lovers.

If you’re looking for the ideal portable power station to serve all your outdoor and emergency needs, you need not look beyond the Jackery SolarSaga and Explorer 240.

Design and features

The Jackery SolarSaga is a high conversion efficiency solar generator that’s designed to speedily charge the Explorer 240 and some other Jackery portable power stations. The solar station is foldable and it comes with a kickstand that makes it easy to set up anywhere you go. Even if you do not have your power station with you, the SolarSaga’s multiple USB ports ensure you can charge multiple devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, and more simultaneously.

The Jackery Explorer 240 is a mini monster that houses a 240 W Li-ion battery and features multiple pots including:

  • One 100V AC outlet
  • Two USB-A ports
  • One DC carport

The power station weighs less than 7lbs and the design is such that an adult can easily carry it in one hand.

Charge your sensitive devices without worry

According to Jackery, the Explorer 240 is a sine wave inverter. This implies that the output supplied is clean power, similar to utility-supplied electricity. If you’ve been skeptical about charging your Macbook or other sensitive devices on other power stations, you can rest assured the Explorer 240 is perfectly safe for your device. The power station also features a unique safety feature known as the Battery Management System. According to Jackery, BMS is designed to protect from short circuits, overcharging, over-current, and extreme temperatures.

Steady power supply for a decent amount of time

The Explorer 240’s giant 240W battery is capable of charging virtually any device for a reasonable length of time. It is estimated that the power station can:

  • Recharge a tablet 7 times or more
  • Recharge a smartphone 20 times or more
  • Recharge a laptop thrice or more
  • Recharge a GoPro 40 times or more
  • Power a car cooler for 6 hours or more
  • Power a 32” TV for 3 hours or more
  • Power a 5W bulb for 40 hours or more

Taking this portable power station and the SolarSaga on your next outdoor adventure is the key to enjoying an uninterrupted power supply.

Charge with solar or electricity

Although it is highly advisable to buy both the Explorer 240 and SolarSaga together, you can still choose to buy the power station alone if you’re sure there’ll be a steady supply of electricity. Jackery claims that the power station will recharge in seven hours via a 12V car charger or a house outlet. You’ll get both cables when you buy the power station.

Pricing info

The SolarSaga costs about $180 while the Explorer 240 costs around $250. Both the power station and solar panel are available on Amazon at 30% off today.