Magware: Portable magnetic cutlery can help eliminate single-use plastics

Magware magnetic flatware makes it easier and more convenient to Bring Your Own (BYO) cutlery, thereby eliminating single-use plastics.

Every year, we throw away billions of plastic utensils, and most of them end up in the ocean. According to The Ocean Conservancy, plastic utensils are among the items most deadly to ocean creatures. This is due to their small size and the ease with which they enter our waterways. Unfortunately, sustainable alternatives to plastic cutlery have proved difficult to come by.

If we are serious about reducing the amount of plastic cutlery that ends up in our waterways, there should be no argument about adopting the Bring Your Own (BYO) cutlery movement. Full Windsor is a company that aims to make BYO easier and more convenient, and its latest line of Magware utensils hope to achieve just that.

Design and features

Magware portable magnetic cutlery is convenient to carry around. It’s simple and lightweight and each cutlery set can be organized into a pouch that can easily fit into your pocket or backpack. A single set of Magware utensils features a spoon, knife, and fork housed in a Hypalon pouch with a combined weight of 72 grams. If you need more pieces of cutlery, the full set of 15 pieces (5 spoons, 5 knives, and 5 forks available in 5 different colors) would be the perfect option. The company hopes that Magware utensils can at least make a dent in the plastic pollution problem.

Hypalon Pouches

Magware utensils are safely housed in a Hypalon pouch. The choice of material for the pouch was based on Hypalon’s durability, stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and waterproof property. Hypalon already enjoys widespread acceptance in the inflatable boats manufacturing industry. To further add durability and longevity, the pouch’s closing mechanism uses high-strength Velcro and there is an elastic strap that gives an even firmer close. The manufacturers assure that the pouches should last a lifetime.


Although stainless steel cutlery is environmentally friendly, their weight could make them difficult to carry about. Magware utensils are manufactured from 7075-T6 Aluminum, a material that’s more than three times as light as stainless steel. 7075-T6 Aluminum is further known for its toughness, high tensile strength, and resistance to fatigue.

Click-apart magnetic design

Magware utensils feature a simple click-apart magnetic design that further facilitates portability. The utensils stick to each other with the aid of the magnet, ensuring they stay in position while in the pouch or in your backpack. Each cutlery piece also features a female or male locator that makes them easy to organize. And you can rest assured you won’t have trouble separating your utensils whenever you’re ready to use them.

Pricing info

Magware portable magnetic cutlery is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign has been widely successful, generating more than 2300% of the target with about 10 days to go. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.