Armortruck: No virus can enter this Halo-like SUV

Armortruck SUV rendering by Milen Ivanov

With beasts like the Rezvani Tank X, Arquus Scarabee, and the Inkas Sentry Civilian, it’s safe to say the world already has a fair share of war tanks. These armored vehicles can do the most unimaginable things. They can withstand blasts from hand grenades, climb mountains, and withstand bullets from the most sophisticated guns. However, none of them compares to the Armortruck, an armored vehicle rendering conceptualized by ace car designer, Milen Ivanov.  

Design and features  

The Armortruck concept is an intricately designed military-grade vehicle that looks like a tank from Halo. The body is made from steel, Kevlar, Titanium, and Carbon fiber – some of the toughest and most malleable construction materials around. According to Milen, the glass windows, typically the weak point of most similar vehicles, are fabricated from a multi-layer ‘special material that’s incredibly strong.’ Bulletproof wheels round up the impenetrable exterior.  

The ultimate apocalypse SUV 

Although the vehicle is mostly military-grade, a lot of people won’t mind having it in their garage, especially in this period of global doom and gloom. Milen conceptualizes the Armortruck as a hybrid SUV, boasting a 1000hp electric powertrain and a combustion engine with a similar power rating. When combined, both engines can produce 2000hp of raw engine power, empowering the Armortruck to take you through virtually any terrain.  

Smart by all definitions  

To cope with the engine’s raw and almost crippling power, Armortruck features an intelligent braking and acceleration system. The sensors are installed inside the wheels, and they control how fast the vehicle comes to a halt and changes speed, respectively. Four ultra-wide cameras that deliver 360 degrees live feed would also assist the driver in monitoring what is going on in the vehicle’s surroundings.  

A vehicle for all seasons

According to the designer, Armortruck can be driven on any surface, no matter how impossible the terrain looks or how dangerous the environment is. Even in areas with low oxygen, the vehicle’s roof-based oxygen generation and filtering system would ensure the oxygen saturation in the vehicle remains optimum for survival. The filtering system would also keep out viruses and other tiny microorganisms. There is also an air-adaptive suspension system that equips the vehicle for an off-road drive and thermal night vision for post-sunset drives. It really is the vehicle for all seasons.  

Extra posh interior

According to the design concept, Armortruck’s interior is not any less impressive than the body. The seats look like what you’ll find in luxury jets, and there’s enough room for four people. The designer describes the interior as ‘durable and luxurious at the same time’, just what you’ll expect from a vehicle with such amazing features.  

Unfortunately, Armortruck is no more than a concept vehicle at the moment. However, it’s safe to say everyone would love to see this design come to life someday, even if it’s just in a James Bond movie.