Arcimoto Deliverator: Three-wheel, pure electric last mile delivery vehicle

Arcimoto Deliverator could be the ultimate last mile delivery vehicle.

If current trends are anything to go by, last-mile delivery vehicles will shape the future of retail. Unfortunately, traditional delivery trucks are not designed to suit today’s market, with more customers wanting specialized orders and ultra-swift deliveries. To solve this problem, Arcimoto, a company heavily invested in the manufacture of sustainable mobility options, just unveiled the Arcimoto Deliverator 

The compact three-wheeled electric vehicle promises to be the ultimate last-mile delivery vehicle. The vehicle is perfect for delivering pizza, flowers, parcels, and just about anything else that can fit into a 20 cubic feet space.  

Design and features

With two wheels in front and one at the back, Arcimoto looks nothing like your typical three-wheeler. The vehicle is compact, lightweight, and specially designed to serve the changing delivery marketplace. According to the manufacturers, it has only a quarter of the footprint of regular delivery vehicles. This makes it a more efficient and environmentally friendly option for personal item delivery companies or businesses that serve their customers directly.  

Compact as it is, Deliverator boasts more than 20 cubic feet of storage space, and a 350lb carrying capacity- enough space for a dozen large-size food delivery boxes. The vehicle’s easy maneuverability also reduces the driver’s chances of getting stuck in traffic, ultimately empowering companies to improve their delivery times. The 75mph top speed and a 100 mile range are further proofs of its efficiency.  

Your ideal urban delivery companion 

One of the most common problems faced by delivery vehicle drivers in urban centers is the unavailability of parking space. Deliverator’s compact design makes it more appropriate for the job since it can seamlessly fit into spaces between parked cars. This makes delivery trips faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective.  

An efficient and cost-effective option 

The manufacturers of Deliverator assure that the vehicle needs very little maintenance, unlike most delivery vehicles. Furthermore, it uses electricity instead of gas, and this makes it even more cost-effective. The cost savings can trickle down to your customers in the form of reduced delivery charges and fantastic promotions. This could go a long way in improving brand perception and promoting customer loyalty.  

Fully customizable 

Customizing delivery vehicles is not a new thing, but the Arcimoto Deliverator takes customizing possibilities to a whole new level. For a three-wheeler, there’s ample space to slap your logos and colors and draw the attention of even the most reluctant onlooker. Beyond external branding, the interior can also be modified to suit the specific needs of your company and customers.  

Pricing info 

According to their official website, the manufacturing company is “working with several companies to test the vehicle in multiple joint pilot programs.” Some of the programs include the delivery of emergency supplies amid the current COVID-19 global pandemic, groceries, restaurant meals, and auto parts, with more use cases on the way. The company hopes to start producing for the broader market later in the year. You can visit the official Arcimoto website for more information.