Scoozy, the alternative to the mobility scooter, is smart, safe and fun

Scoozy is the alternative to the mobility scooter with unique design and smart functionalities. Image Credit: Scoozy

Empowering Mobility for Everyone with Scoozy

Transportation is one of the most important aspects of life. Every day, we each transport ourselves throughout our home, in our car to work and to run errands, cycling on bikes and swimming through pools, and hiking on trails. Transportation is essential to everyone, and everyone should have equal opportunities to go out and live an adventurous life, even those who suffer from limited mobility.

Unfortunately, in the past, it has been difficult for people with limited mobility to get out and explore the world freely. Scoozy has set out to change that; they want everyone to have equal opportunities to get out and discover ultimate freedom.

What is Scoozy?

Scoozy is the modern alternative to mobility scooters. Around the world, an estimated 2% of people use mobility scooters or wheelchairs due to limited mobility. While this may not sound like much, when projected onto a population of 7 billion people, an estimated 140 million people need mobility assistance. Scoozy wants to help those with limited mobility and give them the opportunity to have unlimited potential; they open doors that were previously closed.

The scooter produced by Scoozy is designed to be more attractive and easier to use. There are a host of features available on the scooter that make it the optimal choice for those in the market for something new.

Reasons to Choose Scoozy

Scoozy lets you explore new terrains that you may have not been able to access on previous scooters. Its new design includes 4-wheel drive, letting you ride over hills and on unpaved terrains. Each tire has independent suspension and big wheels, helping you get over obstacles and easily climb over curbs.

Image Credit: Scoozy

The smart design makes it impossible for the scooter to tip over, and you will be very visible with the high-powered LED headlights. The joystick on the scooter makes moving extremely easy. The range on the scooter depends on the model you get, but both are higher than the average scooter; the Adventure model can go up to 50 KM while the Unlimited model can go up to 100 KM.

Pricing and Availability

There are two available models of the scooter, available through their website and at a number of dealers. The Adventure model starts at 7,495 Euros, and the Unlimited model is available for 9,495 Euros.

You can also have the opportunity to experience the Scoozy through a test drive. You can do test drives directly at your home, by making an appointment in Delft, or by contacting any of the dealers near you. The current list of available dealers can be found at

Final Thoughts

There is no reason for anyone to limit themselves; everyone has the opportunity to live out their dreams and to see the world on their own terms. Scoozy is the place to go to find a modern scooter that delivers unlimited potential. Don’t hesitate to take a test drive and experience the Scoozy for yourself!