EZRaider: Personal electric ATV for the ultimate terrain-surfing experience

EZRaider offers powerful, go-anywhere mobility in a variety of off-road scenarios.

We have seen several innovations when it comes to automobiles. All of these innovations have been geared towards maximizing users’ needs while also giving them the chance to enjoy exhilarating fun experiences. One such automobile novelty is the EZRaider.

What is EZRaider?

EZRaider is a brand of all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs) which are designed for navigating through rough terrains just like conventional ATVs but with lots of improvement. EZRaider enables you to traverse landscapes which were usually only accessible by foot.

Why so much buzz about EZRaider?

Innovations cannot help but generate attention, especially ones that appear to be first of their kinds. EZRaider is an example of such creations for it is a first of its kind in the line of ATVs. EZRaider is not only used for personal and recreational purposes but also military, business and security purposes. There have been reports of EZRaiders being used by Israeli Border Police as well as the US military and several paramilitary and security agencies.

Some features of EZRaider:


One major score for EZRaider ATV is the fact that it is an all-electric ATV. Therefore, EZRaider is nature-friendly as it does not pollute the air with emissions.


EZRaiders are built with light-weight materials and the smallest wall-thickness, which is meant to reduce its weight even more. The vehicle is also has tall handlebars which provide stability.

Speed and Battery life

EZRaider reaches speeds of 18-21 miles/hour on battery power. Its lithium-ion battery has a rating of 60V 1740 W/h, and is designed with advanced BMS (Battery Management System). This electric ATV can go as far as 31 miles on a single charge. Although, this depends on the kind of terrain it is used on, as well as the techniques employed by the rider.

Motor and Engine

This line of electric ATV contains two hub motors with 1200 W each, and the brush-less hub-engines come up to a total output of about 9,000 W. EZRaiders’ brush-less hub motors each have a sine-wave controller, which comes with features such as high PWN frequency, reverse driving, energy regenerative braking, three-mode speed selection interface which can be changed to suit the individual, and LED indication for precise operations. Moreover, the EZRaiders’ engines are water-resistant and come with Chromoly driveshafts which allow them to withstand high pressures, especially when traversing through rough terrains.

Suspension System

EZRaiders come with a patented floating suspension system with the capability of Six Axes of Movement (360 degrees). The patent-pending long-travel suspension system allows each wheel of the EZRaider to move independently in any direction, horizontal or vertical.

Surfing Mechanism

The company says that their electric ATV captures the elusive feeling only surfers feel. You ride with your entire body maneuvering through a combination of shifting your weight on the board from side-to-side similar to a Skateboard or Snowboard, as well as using lateral forces to any part of the chassis, translating the chassis consequent lateral movement to a tilt motion along the roll axis, and the use of the steering of the handlebar.


The personal electric ATV has several braking systems which are all meant to enhance rider’s safety while riding. The braking systems include hydraulic brake discs, front and back brake levers and hand brakes, dual-piston calipers among others. These braking systems enable riders to make precise turns and have firm control of the vehicle.

Pricing Info

EZRaider electric ATV comes in a variety of models: EZRaider LW costs $8,500, EZRaider HD2 comes at $14,200, and EZRaider HD4 costs $19,200. You can visit the EZRaider website to get one for yourself.