Paxis: Swinging backpack for quick access to your gear

Paxis Twin Lakes backpack has a swing arm that allows you easy and quick access to your gear.

The Paxis swinging backpack allows you to retrieve your items in one single motion – without the need to take off your backpack.

Backpacks are a must-have for anyone who enjoys the outdoor life. They make it easy to move about with your important gear while enjoying nature in all its glory. However, a major problem with traditional backpacks is that you have to take them off or recruit external help in order to have access to the contents. While this may not be a problem for the high school teen, it could be a mighty inconvenience for a photographer or fisherman exploring nature.

Unlike the so-called ‘revolutionary’ backpack designs that only come with superfluous additions, the Paxis Twin Lakes is a truly refreshing backpack. Like its Mt. Pickett 18 predecessor, the backpack comes with a ‘pod’ that allows you to access your important gear on the go.

Design and features

At first sight, the Paxis backpack doesn’t look much different from a regular backpack. The style is somewhat conservative, adopting colors that, as the manufacturer notes, reflect some element of nature. With sturdy construction, durable zippers, padded waist belts, and waterproof fabric, this backpack boasts everything you would want in a quality day pack. Thing is, Paxis Twin Lakes offers much more, challenging everything you thought was impossible about a backpack.

The Paxis shuttle pod

If you are a keen observer, you’d notice a metal swing arm at the bottom of Paxis backpacks. While strapped to your back, you can pull this handle in one swift motion and the uniqueness of Paxis backpacks is revealed. Pulling the handle unlocks the bottom compartment or pod and swings it to your front. All the while, the metal arm is still firmly attached to the internal frame of the backpack, maintaining the stability of your backpack.

If you are a photographer looking for where to place your extra lenses or a fisherman that needs to keep his lures within reach, you’d never go wrong with the Paxis Twin Lakes. The ARC swing technology, as the manufacturer calls it, is patented. Plus you can always swing the pod back around if you desire to switch to a regular backpack.

To offer even more convenience, the Twin Lakes’ pull handle is now on the pod, unlike Mt. Pickett’s pull handle that was on the side. You would not have to worry about your hand hitting the handle while walking.


The Paxis Twin Lakes backpack boasts a capacity of 30L, including the pod, making the upper compartment more spacious that the Mt. Pickett 18. Independently, the pod can house up to 5-pound stuff, according to the manufacturers. For a bag that big, it is normal to have concerns about carrying it conveniently. Twin Lakes’ chest and waist straps make it super-convenient to carry and you can always adjust the bag to suit your frame. Even when packed to full capacity, the backpack does not feel overly heavy or bulky.

Pricing info

Twin Lakes swinging backpack is available for order on the official Paxis website. The backpack is currently listed at $275 but the price could go up if you opt for extra accessories.