Scout stop & stay: e-bike camper for leisure and work

The Scout e-bike camper offers plenty of space for eating, reading and resting for the bike-mobile camping enthusiast.

If you are someone who enjoys taking your bike out on long excursions, either for day trips or overnight weekend camping sessions, you should check out the Scout Stop & Stay e-bike Camper. This is an easy to set up camper that can transport one person and some basic necessities. It also has numerous uses. In this article, we’ll provide you with a rundown on this single-person bike camper – its specifications, pricing, and where you can find one.


The Scout e-bike Camper is essentially a small, one-person camper that can be attached to the back of a bike trailer. It only takes three minutes to set up, and has a multitude of uses. It can act as a camper for day trips or overnight trips, shelter from the elements, or simply a spot to rest after a long bike ride. The camper can also be used to transport supplies or function as a small market kiosk. Inside, it has space for a twin-sized bed, storage space for clothes and cooking utensils, and a pop-up overhang with a table that can also be converted into space for a second cot.

Design & Specifications

There are actually three different possible Scout Camper variations: the Scout Compact, the Scout Center, and the Scout Comfort, ranging from smallest to largest. The most basic option (the Center) contains 3 separate storage compartments, which can hold a total of 548 liters combined. The bed is roughly the size of a twin bed, at 75 inches long and 35 inches wide. It also weighs around 104 pounds, not counting anything extra you may decide to pack. When you set up the camper, it expands and folds out to a height of 71 inches, or nearly 6 feet. You can purchase additional accessories to personalize it.

Pricing & Availability

You can purchase any one of the Scout camper models through CreaCon’s website, along with the Tough bike trailer that is specifically designed to fit the weight requirements of the Scout camper. If you have your own trailer, you might want to forego the purchase of the Tough bike trailer, but you will still need to be mindful of transportation weight requirements. You can purchase the basic Scout Center model at a price of 4,700 Euros (or $5,700 USD). Or you can get both the Scout camper and the Tough bike trailer in a bundle package for 6,580 Euros, or $7,980 USD.


The Scout Stop & Stay e-bike Camper may be a great transportation option for those who like to travel alone and travel light, as it only accommodates one person and a day or two worth of stuff. However, it is not a bad purchase for the price, and is a great option for those who like to bike and travel long distances. The camper would allow you to save money on gas and reduce your carbon footprint.

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