CityQ car-eBike combines the comfort of a car and benefits of a bicycle

CityQ aims to combine the comfort of a car and the benefits of a bicycle.

Ebikes typically afford a more comfortable ride as they require less pedaling and effort than traditional bikes. However, CityQ has effectively changed the perception of what an eBike can be. One of the primary issues with eBikes is that they offer little protection from the weather and the elements. Fortunately, CityQ has answered this problem with an eBike that operates as a bike but is designed with safety similar to that of a car.

Designed to make cycling a happy and enjoyable experience for everyone, CityQ set out
to create a bike that provides comfort and ease even during undesirable conditions. Fitted with a roof, window, and rotating doors on the side, the CityQ car-eBike fully protects its driver from external conditions.

More than two wheels

Though it is considered an eBike, CityQ’s cycle has four wheels, not two. This provides better steering and stability, especially to riders who are older and may have more trouble supporting and balancing on a traditional two-wheeler. The ultimate goal of the CityQ electric bike was to influence more people to make greener transportation choices. This bike offers exactly that! The pedals aren’t connected to any sort of chain and work hard to help charge the battery when in use. Otherwise, users can charge the battery by plugging the car into an ordinary socket.

The specs

CityQ’s electric bike may look more like an electric car, but it really is simply an oversized cargo bike. It’s only around 87 cm wide, and it weighs about 70 kg. Though it is small, it is mighty – this eBike has a powerful motor that reaches up to 250W, along with a max speed of 25 km/h. Drivers can pedal in bike lanes, by the beach, up and down hills, on the street, and in any kind of weather or terrain that they deem necessary. CityQ is powered by two batteries that are easily charged at home and give drivers a range of 70-100km drive per charge.

As per its designers, even though CityQ looks similar to a compact car it is legally defined as an eBike. Therefore, riders do not have to possess a driver’s license to operate. We would suggest that you check the relevant rules and regulations in your area.

Plenty of flexibility

When it comes to passenger options, the CityQ car-eBike has plenty! The bike can be designed in many ways. The first is to provide enough space for the rider and any other cargo that he or she may be carrying. The seats can also be modified to provide more room for passengers. The back can be customized to fit one adult and two children or two adults. When configured to accommodate two adults, each person will be seated fighter-jet-style.

How to purchase

CityQ is presently available for preorder, with deliveries expected to start sometime this year. Currently, it is priced at about 7,450 Euro (ex VAT & freight), which is about $USD9,000. Right now, the CityQ car-eBike is only available for purchase through the company’s website, so those interested can learn more about how to make a purchase at the website.