Sion electric car that charges itself through the power of the sun

The Sion electric car can charge its battery during the day through the power of the sun.

The Sion electric car is the first of its kind. Solar panels are integrated into the exterior design of the car, making this vehicle even more sustainable than its competitors. This self-charging car allows you to go further.

The Sion is a sleek four-door hatchback with front-wheel drive. The spacious trunk is perfect for shopping or transporting slightly bulky items. Because there are many different charging options, it’s easy to make sure your car is fully charged for your next trip. And with the addition of solar panels, you can spend less time charging and more time going on adventures.

Charging Options

As mentioned above, the Sion electric car is the first to integrate solar panels. These panels are worked into the design of the car on the front, back, and top. Of course, this does mean that there is only one color option for the car: black. But who wouldn’t trade paint color for an extra 35 kilometers (approx. 21 miles) of range per day?

Other than solar charging, the Sion can be docked at a fast charging station for 30 minutes and charge up to 80%. Use public stations, power sockets at home, or plug into another Sion. That’s right, this car can transfer power between itself and other electric vehicles. That can be a real life-saver in a pinch.

The Specs

Check out these need-to-know specs for the Sion electric car:

  • Price: €25,500
  • Size: 4.29 m long x 2.10 m wide
  • Battery: 35 kWh
  • Drivetrain: 120 kW motor
  • Trunk Volume: 650 l
  • Charging:
    • Combined Charging System: 30 Min.
    • Type 2 (universal socket): 3.5 h
    • SchuKo: 13 h
  • Range: 255 km (approx. 158 miles) according to WLTP standard
  • Solar Range: < 35 km/day
  • Torque: 270 Nm
  • Max. Speed: 140 km/h
  • Tow Bar: 750 kg
More than 248 solar cells are seamlessly integrated into the body of the Sion electric solar car.

The Sono App

The Sono App is a fantastic tool for Sion owners. Its services include car sharing, ride pooling, and power sharing. Share your Sion with others by specifying who will take the car and how long they have to use it. Use the ride-sharing feature to broadcast when you want to offer rides to others. And finally, use the power sharing feature to switch the direction of your charging socket. Your Sion becomes a temporary charging station for another electric vehicle.

In the app, you can also unlock the car doors, set the interior temperature, and check vehicle data in real-time. How well is it charged? How much solar power has it accumulated today? What is the reading on the odometer? All of these questions can be answered right there in the app.

Pricing and Availability

This extraordinary vehicle is available for the price of €25,500 (approx. $USD31,000). You can preorder it today through the Sono Motors website. Sign the purchase contract this year and production will begin in 2022. Once it’s ready, you can pick up your Sion from the plant in Trollhättan. The manufacturer is also working on a plan to deliver the vehicles to the purchasers’ locations for an additional charge.