MonoRacer: Fully enclosed motorcycle for long distance travel

MonoRacer offers the freedom of classic motorcycles combined with the safety of cars.

Motorcycles come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs. So, you have plenty of options to choose from when purchasing a bike. Still, if you are looking for the motorcycle of the future, there is one product you need to have on your radar!

The MonoRacer is a fully enclosed electric motorcycle that stands above the rest of its competition. With its unique design and cutting edge power and features, this bike redefines what it means to ride a motorcycle. MonoRacer offers luxury, quality features, and one of the best motorcycle experiences on the market. It is by no means cheap getting this bike, but this product is definitely worth your money!

So, keep reading to learn about the MonoRacer and how it can change the way you ride motorcycles!

Sleek and powerful transportation

The MonoRacer is aesthetically beautiful, sleek, and minimalistic in its design. And, despite its size and weight, it still manages to look slim and compact. In addition, it is ready to take on any speed limits. In fact, the MonoRacer reaches speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

It can also endure longer rides and has a driving range of up to 248.5 miles. So, you can go on long trips on this bike, and won’t have to worry about losing power while driving far distances. MonoRacer can hit high speeds, but it also slows down to accommodate for different travel needs, as well.

Still, short rides or quick rides are ideal for this bike, too. You can easily go for a quick cruise around your city or neighborhood on this bike to get a taste of true speed!

Fit for more than one person

Unlike other cabin motorcycles, MonoRacer can carry two people, the rider and a passenger. This fast and beautifully designed bike is not hampered by the weight of more than one person. In fact, you will have plenty of room to stretch and move in this vehicle. And, you can still hit top speeds!

Futuristic design and aesthetic

The MonoRacer does not merely look sleek, it also looks like it belongs in a futuristic setting. Really, this bike is unlike other motorcycles entirely. It pushes aesthetic barriers with its innovative design. And, it really turns heads with its striking physical characteristics.

So, if you are looking for a bike that fits right in with your favorite sci-fi movies or shows, definitely consider adding the MonoRacer to your collection of vehicles!

MonoRacer prioritizes your safety

Safety is crucial to the MonoRacer, as well. The team behind this bike made sure that you have the safest ride possible when using the MonoRacer. As a result, this enclosed motorcycle includes several key safety features.

Of course, seat belts are affixed into the cabin of the bike. They are secure 3-point seat belts that help keep your body in place as you ride. In addition, the cabin of the MonoRacer itself is designed for ultimate safety, even in the event of a head-on collision!

Really, no one wants to get into a motorcycle crash. However, in the event that you do crash, unlike other bikes, you will not be in immediate danger if you get into an accident on your MonoRacer. The motorcycle’s egg-like shape reduces the impact of oncoming vehicles and outside forces. In addition, the hardness of the MonoRacer also helps to keep riders safe and secure within their cabin. Really, you will not find a safer motorcycle to ride in!

Storage and ultimate comfort

The MonoRacer is built for ultimate comfort and storage capabilities. The designers of this product spared no expense for this luxury experience. As a result, the MonoRacer is both comfortable and high-performing.

And, you can even store your personal belongings within the bike. There is a compartment that is 4.2 cubic meters. So, you can store baggage within your motorcycle easily. This comes in handy if you are traveling!

Really, with the MonoRacer, you don’t need to give up speed in order to have a smooth and luxurious ride. The cabin of the motorcycle ensures the greatest level of support and comfort. In addition, the seats are made of plush and soft leather that is easy on your back and legs.

An eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation option

Finally, MonoRacer is an eco-friendly transportation option. MonoRacer is powered through a rechargeable battery. So, you don’t have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on gas that pollutes the environment.

Instead, all you have to do is charge up your MonoRacer, and it will last you up to 248.5 miles. This is off of a single charge! Charging your bike won’t even take that long. MonoRacer charges fully within 5 hours. You can also charge it for three and a half hours for an eighty percent charge.

Again, other more conventional bikes simply do not offer this kind of value. Motorcycles are less polluting than other types of vehicles. But if you want to get rid of gas completely and use electric energy, MonoRacer is the perfect option for you! You save money, and help save the environment!

Availability and price of the MonoRacer

The MonoRacer is a convenient and powerful product that will enhance your everyday transportation. However, it is a luxury item that comes with a luxury price tag. You can get the MonoRacer for approx. €79,950. This is a base price.

And, if you want extras added to your enclosed motorcycle the cost can go further up. These prices do not include shipping and taxes. So keep this in mind.

Currently, MonoRacer is available on the company’s website. You can order your bike by making a deposit of around €40,000. You can also customize its design and features through the site too. As per the website, delivery time is 6 months after receiving deposit.

MonoRacer has gone through many iterations and updates since its inception. Currently, its latest model has been approved by the EU for use and purchase.