ICE Full Fat off-road expedition tough recumbent folding trike

The ICE Full Fat trike is expedition-tough, and can conquer the most challenging terrain.

Take your ride off road with the ICE Full Fat Off-Road Recumbent Trike. This trike is made for any and all expeditions that you can throw its way. Seamlessly roll over snow, sand, mud, and any other rough terrain with ease. It gives you the freedom to ride whenever and wherever you’d like. Made for challenging rides and landscapes, this trike was created to be reliable and durable. Ridden across Antarctica and to the South Pole, there is no doubt that this trike is made to go anywhere you may want to go.

Compact flat twist fold

The Full Fat is, without a doubt, a massive trike. However, it is built to fold quickly and with convenience. Boasting an industry-leading ICE Compact Flat Twist frame, this trike is created so that you can quickly fold it and get to where you need to go. Its compact fold allows you to take the trike wherever your next adventure may lead.

Built for a rugged performance

A high frame and not two but three 26-inch wheels make riding over rugged terrain look as simple as gliding across the sidewalk. Rocks and hills are no issue as the raised frame provides an excellent ground clearance as you navigate through challenging landscapes. Large volume and low-pressure tires give traction and float as you ride through bumpy trails and soft terrain.

Ergonomic seat

The ICE Full Fat seat is designed to offer maximum comfort and support as you ride across rough and rugged terrain. It’s comprised of both a standard frame and a cover to provide maximum back support. The seat’s cover is constructed with breathable fabric to maximize airflow and deliver ultimate comfort. Ut provides cushioning at the base and side bolsters of the seat. Riders can easily adjust the tension along the back of the seat. Storing small items such as keys and your phone are simple with the weather-sealed pocket.

Completely customizable

The ICE Full Fat comes with a vast range of available options. These include gearing, components, and electric assists. ICE builds each and every trike to your individual preferences so that you can create your perfect trike. On ICE Trike’s website, those ready to purchase a trike can, essentially, build the trike from the ground up. Starting with the frame, buyers can choose just about every component on the trike to create something that perfectly suits their needs.

Where to buy

Prices for the ICE Full Fat start around US$5,500. However, this price can fluctuate depending on which options you choose as you customize and configure your trike. The easiest way to order a trike is through ICE’s website, but there are plenty of international dealers, all of which are found on the company’s website.