Halfbike: The compact and light standing bike

Halfbike is a compact and light standing bike.

It’s often said that you never forget how to ride a bike. Riding a bicycle is sometimes the first thing that people can remember. Many people started riding bicycles when they were learning to walk and run. Moreover, riding a bicycle is something that people often do their entire lives.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to continue riding bikes due to the hunched position that the body must maintain to keep riding. Bicycles can also be difficult to transport depending on your means of transportation. Halfbike set out to create a new cycling experience with the solutions to these issues.

What is a Halfbike?

The Halfbike is essentially a mix between cycling and running in one new piece of sporting equipment. It was invented with the idea that less is more, and that consumers were searching for a mode of transportation that would be easier to use, easier to transport, and easier to maintain.

It’s a completely unique sport; there’s never been another standing bike like the Halfbike in history. The design, letting the user stand while biking, allows for the user to get a low-impact workout while still getting to their destination quickly and safely.

Halfbike Features

Each and every Halfbike is handcrafted for the user that it will be sent to. It is ultra-compact, as it is extremely light and is foldable. You can place it in the tiniest trunks and lockers. You can also easily take it onto any form of public transportation.

Halfbike can follow you anywhere, it is light, compact and foldable.

The frame is laser-cut by hand and made of aluminum, allowing for the bike to be both tough and sturdy while being light. It only weighs 19 pounds, so it’s extremely easy to move around.

To fully understand the features of the bike, you really need to go out there and get a test ride. Luckily, there are ambassadors all over the world that work with Halfbike to let users get test rides. You can check if there’s any near you at https://halfbikes.com/playground.

Pricing and Availability

There is one model of the bike which is currently available on the Halfbike website, called the Halfbike 3. It is available directly from the website for $699, which is the lowest price available anywhere. It is encouraged that anyone looking to purchase the Halfbike do it directly from the website to get the lowest price and quickest shipping.

Halfbike is the Standing Desk of Bicycles.

The bike is currently available for shipping. It includes a 100% full warranty for a year after purchase, ensuring that you get a high-quality bike. No matter where you are in the world, you can get a Halfbike sent to you quickly and securely.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new, easy way of transportation that will help you stay fit while being low impact, look no further. The Halfbike allows for the body to remain upright which helps with circulation and breathing, and it is extremely simple to transport, which means you can bring it anywhere. Check if there’s any near you and give it a try; you won’t regret it.