Cargo 2: The Electric Cabin Scooter

Cargo 2 offers the agility of a scooter with the weather protection of a car.

People’s interests in automobiles that enhance fun experiences with the assurance of ‘safety’ have propelled the invention of new and exciting brands of automobiles. Cargo 2 electric cabin scooter is an outcome of such inventions.

What is Cargo 2 Cabin Scooter?

From the name, ‘Cargo 2 cabin scooter’, one gets the idea of enclosure. It is a three-wheeled vehicle designed to give the feel of riding a scooter while being cozy. The enclosure serves to protect its rider from bad weather. Highlighted below are some of the features of the scooter:


The Cargo 2 cabin scooter is electrically powered. Therefore, it is eco-friendly; it does not release emissions into the air, unlike conventional gas-run scooters. Although, it shares this feature with some other innovative automobiles of its kind.

How it’s built

Cargo 2 cabin scooter offers the agility of a bike/scooter with the weather protection of a small car. It has many essential features of traditional cars like a rearview mirror, speed indicator, window regulator, horn and turn signals, windshield wipers, brakes, and so on. The electric scooter comes with extra space, which can be used as an extra passenger seat or storage space.

Speed and Battery life

Cargo 2 electric cabin scooter can go up to 45km/h on the battery power of a lead gel battery 60V / 45Ah. This electric cabin scooter can go as far as 60 km on a single charge. You can charge via any domestic socket, and the battery attains full charge in about 6-8 hours. The scooter’s battery is installed under the seat. This creates a low center of gravity when handling it.

Motor Power

This line of electric cabin scooter has motor power of constant 1500 watts and a maximum of 2000 watts.


The vehicle has a front disc brake, rear drum brake as well as a hand brake. The Cargo 2 braking system contributes to the efficient handling of the automobile.

Handling and License

Handling a Cargo 2 cabin scooter does not require any special license nor training. In Germany, one can drive the Cargo 2 cabin scooter with a class AM driving license. One does not need to be concerned about vehicle tax payment. All that you require is liability insurance in addition to the insurance number, which you can request using the EEC papers. Moreover, there is no helmet requirement for operating this electric vehicle, either.


Cargo 2 cabin scooter can be easily maintained and repaired at Futura service centers, which are available throughout Germany. More interesting is the on-site repair service offered by this brand of electric automobile. With 129 EUR, one can enjoy one hour of on-site repair work.

Reviews on Cargo 2 cabin scooter reveal it to be efficient, fun to handle, easy to park (due to its reversing camera), and fast. Delivery agencies have also found this scooter efficient for business as well due to its cargo space.

The electric cabin scooter’s price starts from €4,999 (including VAT). To shop for a Cargo 2 cabin scooter, visit their website.