Can-Am Ryker: Trike with automatic twist-and-go transmission

Can-Am Ryker offers open-air thrill like a motorcycle with the safety of a 3-wheeled vehicle.

More often than not, everyone wants to let go of all inhibitions and fall into the abyss of sensational experiences. Still, common sense prevails upon the individual at such tempting moments, ringing warning bells about precautions. So many people would love to learn and ride bikes so that they can experience the thrilling sensation that accompanies the activity. However, “safety warnings” that are ingrained in mind make most to steer clear of bikes and enjoy the little sensation they can get from other vehicles. Consequently, several innovations have been made towards ensuring people can enjoy the electrifying feel of riding a bike while being assured of their safety. One of such innovative masterpieces is Can-Am Ryker.

What is Can-Am Ryker?

Can-Am Ryker is a classic vehicle built like a bike but with three wheels, two in the front and one in the rear. Hence, it is a Trike. The conception of its name, “Ryker”, is quite easy to figure. The name is a derivation from “Ride” and “Biker”. Ryker gives everyone a taste of the wild experience while also ensuring the safety of the rider. Like many innovations of its type, it is attention calling wherever it goes.

What makes Can-Am Ryker so interesting?

The prospect of exhilarating fun is the simplest answer to this question. Can-Am Ryker is fascinating in the way it offers its rider peace of mind while experiencing a novel way of riding. However, other attributes make this vehicle a worthy innovation. Highlighted below are some of the features that make this trike unique.

Rider’s protection is guaranteed

The design of the three-wheeled motorcycle enhances the protection and comfort of its rider. This feat is achieved with the inclusion of handguards, rally seat and upgraded suspension. Other safety features of Can-Am Ryker are its traction control, electronic stability control as well as anti-lock brakes.

Ergonomic Configuration

People, although, may have similar quests, don’t always have the same preference in pursuing these quests. As such, the “UFit System” which allows riders of Can-Am Ryker to configure the trike to suit personal styles contributes further to its uniqueness. You don’t require any tools for this quite ergonomic adjustment.

Riding made Easy!

The vehicle stability system and automatic twist-and-go transmission is another feature that makes Can-Am Ryker fascinating. This feature makes it easy for the rider, experienced or new, to let loose and enjoy the excitement incited by the ride.

Extra Space

Attached to Can-Am Ryker is a Max Mount frame which affords the rider the option of adding a passenger. You can also use the Max Mount structure as a storage space. Moreover, there is a small glove compartment, which can serve as onboard storage.

Drivetrain Maintenance

Can-Am Ryker’s drivetrain with its driveshaft technology is low-maintenance. One need not fret over maintaining a Can-Am Ryker.

Pricing Info

Updated 7th April, 2021: The affordability of Can-Am Ryker is another feature that contributes to the interests it has been garnering. Compared to other vehicles of its type, this trike is considerably affordable. Pricing for the 2021 Ryker starts at $8,799 with a choice of Rotax 600 or 900 cc engine. The 2021 Ryker Rally Edition starts at $11,499.

The exciting experience of a one-of-a-kind ride is the major reason Ryker is making so much buzz. This classic vehicle can be easily obtained via the company’s official website.