Tuff Lift: Hydraulic lifts for sleds, quads, motorbikes and ATVs

Images © Tuff Lift

For those watercraft that don’t have access to permanent waterside moorings, the only thing left to do is to transport your craft to and from the water each time you use it. In a similar vein, those who live far away from their favorite off-road trails have to transport their ATVs, off-road bikes and other vehicles. This can be difficult when it means finding a way to safely and easily load your watercraft, ATV or other vehicle onto a flatbed or other trailer. Enter: Tuff Lift

The good news is that Tuff Lift have come up with a series of American-made hydraulic lifts as a solution to this problem. You may think you’ve seen hydraulic lifts before that help load and unload watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles, beach buggies, motorcycles and more, but until you’ve seen these offerings from Tuff Lift, you haven’t seen it all.

Heavy-duty, durable hydraulic lifts

Tuff Lift uses all-aluminum components to ensure proper rigidity and strength while also making the lifts durable against corrosion, moisture and anything else that nature will throw at it. Tuff Lift mentions that every detail, from the individual welds to each component — the clamp system, lights, wiring, the aluminum frame — is carefully crafted to ensure the best-possible quality.

Versatile in application

The Tuff Lift has been designed primarily for transporting various kinds of vehicles on the back of another truck, but as many happy users have discovered over the years, Tuff Lift can be used for loading and hauling anything that you can safely strap in.

For instance, users in the construction industry have found it an invaluable tool for loading heavy materials into their trucks. The fact is that any awkward shape, size or weight of load that’s within Tuff Lift’s capacity can be strapped in and loaded up.


Another feature that helps to set Tuff Lift apart from other hydraulic loading solutions is its two-layer structure. Let’s say you have three snowmobiles you want to load up onto the back of your pickup. The load is easily manageable, but how can you do that without at least one being leaned awkwardly against another? The answer is by using a Tuff Lift.

The two-tier option gives you incredible flexibility and equal security for both vehicles being transported. Load up the top snowmobile first, and then raise it up high at the touch of a button, creating a space for two more snowmobiles underneath. All you need to do is then drive on your remaining snowmobiles, and then hit another button to load all three like magic onto the back of the truck.

Remember when using the two-tier loading system to ensure that your new vehicle height won’t present any problems. In other words, be mindful of low bridges.

The ultimate loading and unloading Solution

Moving your various non-road vehicles need never be a chore ever again. Drive or slide the vehicle onto the ramp, strap it in and then leave the rest to the high-precision and dependable Tuff Lift hydraulics.

Tuff Lift hydraulic lifts are available for purchase now, including a used inventory. To learn more, you just need to contact Tuff Lift via their website. Here’s to easier loading and unloading!