Transformer Couch: Modular seating solution that transforms with your home & lifestyle

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities. Images © Transformer Table

This is a world in which the common household couch has barely changed in decades. All that is changing with Canadian startup Transformer Table as they launch their innovative new product, the Transformer Couch.

What is Transformer Couch?

Put simply, Transformer Couch is an innovative modular sofa “system” that comes in individual 32”x32” sections. Each of these modules is a self-contained seat with arms and cushioning. Take the arms off and put it together with another section, or two, or three, or more, and you have a couch that you can build into just about any shape you can imagine or that fits your particular space.

Carry and build into a custom couch right out of the box

Each module of Transformer Couch comes in its own easy-to-carry case weighing 32kg once assembled. You unpack and assemble the module right out of the box; everything you need is right there. After that, you can then arrange multiple sections into different shapes. Make an L-shape, a straight line, a bed, a diamond shape, a horseshoe “C” and many more. Just connect each module with one of the U-shaped plastic resin clamps and you have a secure build.

Durable and easy to clean

The portability and ease of assembly of each module speaks to how Transformer Table have built this new couch to make life easier for their customers. The heavy-duty materials and quality construction also make the couch durable and comfortable, too. The seat frame is constructed from hardwood with sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing. The arm and back rests are supported by brushed steel rods beneath the comfortable high-density cushioning, which means you can lean back with an assurance of support.

On top of that, the Transformer Couch is easy to clean. Covers on any module can be individually removed and then machine-washed. Any cover that is damaged, burned or otherwise rendered undesirable can be instantly replaced by placing a quick order and getting replacements in quick time.

Customize in looks as well as form

Besides setting the modules up in whatever arrangement you want, you can also instantly change the look by swapping the covers for one of the other three fabrics and 10 color options. You can alter the dynamic of your entire room in a flash with minimum cost and effort.

Pledge today and get your Transformer Couch shipped anywhere free

The Transformer Couch is currently available on Kickstarter as part of the company’s huge launch campaign. A number of great discounted deals are on offer for those who pledge now, either via an Early Bird Pledge or a Kickstarter Pledge.

If you make your pledge today, you can get free shipping anywhere in the world, with deliveries expected to be made in October 2021 for Early Bird orders and November 2021 for Kickstarter orders. Make a pledge today and become part of the home furniture revolution.

Source: Transformer Couch