Altwork: Ultimate workstation for high-intensity computer users

Forget standing desks: Are you ready to lie down and work? Images © Altwork

Altwork is a workstation manufacturer focused on creating innovative and unrecognized ways for people to work at their desks. These workstations are designed for those who spend a significant amount of time on their computer. While Altwork is undoubtedly not the only manufacturer creating solutions for those sitting at a desk for most of the day, it is worth taking a closer look at their Signature and Flex stations. There are plenty of features to unwrap with these stations; keep reading to learn more about each one.

What they both offer

Both the Flex and Signature Series ship to most locations throughout the world, ship for free within the United States, and come with a five-year warranty. Each model allows the user to utilize the collaboration mode. This feature gives the user the option to swing their screen around so that they are able to share presentations or anything else that may be on their screen. This is possible while sitting or standing, although the standing option is not available with the Flex Series.

The Signature Series and the Flex Series each have the option to adjust the monitor height and depth, as well as a full leg rest. The desk component on both models is adjustable, and both the Signature and Flex Series fully recline with a seamless motion feature. While there are plenty of shared features between both models, there are premium options that are offered with the Signature Series for a price.

The Signature Series

The Signature Series is the original model from Altwork, and it is also their more expensive series. One of the most notable features that sets it apart from the Flex Series is the standing desk option. This model also allows for automatic adjustments, while the Flex series requires most of its adjustments to be changed manually. The monitor on the Signature Series can be adjusted while seated without the use of any tools and offers a complete range of adjustments within the scope of the station’s height and depth.

The headrest also adjusts electrically and has the capability to roll up. The desk keypad allows users to adjust multiple actuators and store memory positions for each of the components. Another feature offered with the Signature Series is that it is mounted on wheels which allows the user to move the unit freely.

The Signature Series specs

The Signature Series weighs about 210 pounds and is best suited for users who weigh up to 250 pounds and are between 5’1 and 6’6. Altwork does have an option to reach out to them directly if a potential customer is outside of the stated range. When the seat is upright, and the leg rest is extended, the unit is 34” wide and 55” long. When fully reclined, the length can reach 72”, and the minimum seat height is 18”. The Signature Series model can fit through a 32” door opening and requires 18 feet of floor space in order to operate in all positions.

What is included with the Signature Series?

As stated by the Altwork website, the Signature Series comes equipped with the following inclusions:

  • Headrest
  • Rear panels
  • Rear storage tray
  • Advanced monitor arm (monitor is not included)
  • Mouse pad (mouse and keyboard are not included)
  • Desk
  • Leg rest
  • Frame with casters
  • Palm rest
  • Mac or PC developer magnet set to affix keyboard, mouse, tablets to the desk
  • Electronics cabinet to protect electrical components under the seat and serve as a platform for laptop
  • User manual

The Flex Series

The Flex Series is the most recent addition to the Altwork collection of workstations. It offers potential customers a more affordable option with fewer premium features. Notably, this model does not come with a standing option like the Signature Series. Users are able to adjust the monitor while not using the unit. Adjustments must be made manually with a wrench. This model does not allow for automatic headrest motion like the Signature Series. Users can manually adjust the headrest while seated.

The angle of the leg rest can also be manually adjusted by users swinging their legs into the leg rest. While there aren’t memory positions offered with the Flex Series, those using this unit can switch the angle of the headrest with a switch. This station, unlike the Signature Series, is mounted on feet rather than on wheels. This means that the unit is not as mobile as the Signature Series model.

The Flex Series specs

Like the Signature Series, the Flex Series model can hold up to 250 pounds and support a user that is between 5’1 and 6’6. However, it does weigh less than the Signature Series – 175 lbs compared to 210 lbs. It has the same length and width as the other model and takes up the same amount of space.

What is included with the Flex Series?

As stated by the Altwork website, the Signature Series comes equipped with the following inclusions:

  • Headrest
  • Standard monitor arm
  • Desk
  • Leg rest
  • Frame with feet
  • VESA mount for standard monitor
  • Mac or PC developer magnet set to affix keyboard, mouse, tablets to the desk

Unlike the Signature Series, there are many features that didn’t make their way to the more affordable Flex Series model. However, many of the premium features are available as add-ons for an additional cost. Buyers can choose to add on casters, a laptop mount, an upper-lower monitor mount, and an advanced monitor arm.

What does each model cost?

The primary difference between the Signature Series and the Flex Series is the price. While each model is notably expensive, the Signature Series cost over $2,500 more than the Flex Series. Because of its premium features and functionality, the Signature Series starts at $US7,950. The Flex Series starts at $US4,950, giving those with a smaller budget the option to choose a model that is more affordable while still serving the same basic functions. Both models can be purchased at the Altwork website.

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