Northern Light Motors: The future of personal electric transport

With up to a 100 mile range you can travel far and wide with your Northern Light Motor. Images © Northern Light

UK-based Northern Light Motors invites you to forget everything you think you know about e-bikes and join them in the future with one of their unique electric vehicle offerings. The company’s range of innovative 3-wheeled personal transport solutions include the Northern Light 428, the 557 and the 630. The models are named after the wavelengths of the colors visible in the northern lights. 428 being blue, 557 being green and at the highest altitudes, 630 red.

The first low-cost, safe, full-electric and weatherproof vehicle

Northern Light Motors present their vision for the future of electronic personal transport, the base model of which is the 428 trike. It’s the first of its kind anywhere in the world, combining affordability, electric efficiency, weatherproof design and much more.

The Northern Light models are built on a hybrid design that conserves power for when you need those bursts of speeds. Its hyper-efficient powertrain allows you to travel up to 60 miles for just 30 cents of electricity charge. The maximum single-charge range is 100 miles.

The weatherproof design of the Northern Light e-bike is made to be a protective cocoon for the driver. The vinyl-wrapped body is built with special crumple zones. This makes it a durable and safe electric trike vehicle anywhere on the road. What’s more, these trikes’ three wheels ride on leaf spring suspension for a smooth and comfortable journey every time.

Additional drive features include hydraulic disc brakes on all three models. Racing brakes, performance tires and aerodynamic wheel covers are available on the high-end 630 performance model. The 630 also gets its extra speed from 1kw of electric assistance that it can unlock from its race ECU.

Classic British car design with cutting-edge performance tech

The body design with its headlight and even turn signals is reminiscent of true classic British car design, but with added contemporary curves and aerodynamism. The interior features a flawless digital touchscreen HUD that tells your power levels and speed. Besides the headlight and front turn signals, the Northern Light Models also feature a prominent tail light and rear turn signals, too.

The battery on all three models is small and light enough that you can carry it from the trike to your home for better protection and recharging. The 428 Blue and 557 Green both come with a 10.5Ah battery with a 50-mile range and a top speed of 35mph, but the 630 Red gets a larger 20Ah battery that can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 45mph.

The whole range has no chain, but uses a series hybrid system. The pedaling motion charges the battery. And this power is then delivered to the rear wheel, along with the legally allowed amount of assistance for a given territory. The transmission features regenerative braking and human power storage.

Other tech additions include USB ports for your smartphone, navigation device and other electronics. There’s even a rear-view camera to make parking easier.

Northern Light are taking orders now

All three of these trikes from Northern Light are available for pre-purchase now. You can make a £250 (approx. $US353) deposit to reserve your build slot and Northern Light Motors will get right on it.

The vehicles themselves are priced at £2,799 (approx. $US3,950) for the 428; £3,499 (approx. $US4,940) for the 557, and £4,499 (approx. $US6,350) for the 630. Build yours today and join the Northern Light revolution in electric personal transport.

Source: Northern Light Motors