CrownCruiser: Stylish carbon fiber e-bike with 100-mile range

CrownCruiser is a stylish e-bike with a 100-mile range and a top speed of 31 mph.

Riding a bike is a great time enjoyed by many. But coasting stylishly, near-effortlessly, and silently gives your ride a whole different feel and aura. With the CrownCruiser, you can cruise through the streets on the pinnacle of a classy, sleek, distinguished, and refined piece of modern e-bike technology.


The CrownCruiser doesn’t just deliver on looks, it steps up in the e-biking game from a functional perspective as well. Framed on a monocoque carbon fiber body, it provides a solid, yet extremely lightweight biking option. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art RockShox front suspension that permits a smooth, controlled ride regardless of location or terrain.

The frame is comprised of high-quality carbon fiber, which is durable and easily portable due to its lightweight nature. By weight ratio, the carbon fiber makeup is 61 times stronger than steel and 15 times stronger than titanium, while maintaining a weight that is 40% less than that of aluminum.

Many production companies have shipped manufacturing overseas in favor of lower production costs. CrownCruiser, however, remained steady in its British assembly locale. The products are manually assembled by British engineers using premium quality materials.

The company’s confidence in the product is so strong, that they even offer a lifetime guarantee on the e-bike’s frame. It has even been exclusively selected for backing by the UK Research and Innovation Agency as a product that expertly represents a model for future alternative transportation.

Speed, Efficiency and Versatility

Able to operate on any terrain, the CrownCruiser e-bike glides seamlessly through city streets, backroads, or the countryside alike with minimal effort to the rider. The RockShox suspension system assures maximum rider control and smooth operation regardless of pavement, sand, or grainy terrain. The system is a top-of-the-line one. It is both durable and adjustable, operating with a DebonAir air spring that endures the maximum impact from the roughest of surfaces.

CrownCruiser Carbon Fiber E-Bike

As an e-bike, the goal is to provide an energy-efficient method of transport, being able to exude maximum performance with minimal resources. The CrownCuriser allows up to 100 miles of travel (160 kilometers) with a maximum speed of 31 mph (50 km/h) in downhill descents. This promotes a thrilling and longevous ride.

The recommended height for riders is anywhere between 5’4” – 6’4” with a maximum 330 lbs rider weight. The CrownCruiser is able to adjust its handlebars and seats to be more adaptable to your personal frame, comfort, and riding style.


Aside from the monocoque carbon fiber framing and the top-of-the-line adjustable suspension system, CrownCruiser includes an array of other impressive specifications.

  • BaFang powered motor with a 750W power in the US, 250W power in the UK
  • 26” by 3” wheel size
  • e-Bike optimized Magura brakes
  • Operated by Lithium-Ion battery (LG cells)
  • A 4-hour charging cycle (2.5 hours via fast charge)
  • As a contemporary mode of transport, the CrownCruiser includes multiple aspects of most modern vehicles:
    • GSM-GPS
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • 6 amp wireless charger
    • Keyless entry
    • Compatibility with the CrownCruiser app
  • 2000 Lumen headlamp
  • Taillight
  • 100-mile biking range
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Impact detection system

Anti-Theft Protection

Such coveted tech as a CrownCruiser bike may attract the attention of less than savory characters. CrownCruiser wants to assure that its products offer a good level of anti-theft protection. For that reason, the CrownCruiser is equipped with an anti-theft sensory system, personalizing the ability to use the system as to be used only by eligible riders.

The most convenient way to access the CrownCruiser is through keyless entry via your smartphone device. When you walk away from your bike, you can use the CrownCruiser app to disable its operation, and easily enable it again when you return. This renders the e-bike unusable to ride away for anyone other than yourself.

The body is equipped with a slew of motion sensors. These become active as soon as the anti-theft functionality is enabled. If the bike experiences any suspicious movements, the GPS automatically activates to alert the owner about the bike’s location. It will update your device with texts informing you of the bike’s whereabouts on a global scale so you can track it down.

The CrownCruiser also has an alarm function that can trigger a high-pitched alarm or your own voice issuing a warning to stay away from your e-bike. Most would-be thieves are likely to abandon their mission as the attention becomes centered on their attempt to commit theft.

Rider Safety

While the RockShox system is impressive and highly effective, the CrownCruiser is also prepared in case of a fall or sudden impact. It has an automatic impact detection system in place. This is especially pertinent when the rider is cruising in a remote area where not a lot of people are available to offer assistance.

The CrownCruiser body is equipped with a gyro and accelerometer sensors that detect sudden impact automatically. This quickly presents the rider with the option of getting in touch with their emergency contact, with your precise location via a crash warning alert.

A spare battery replacement also provides an option for easily extracting and replacing the battery if a rider is close to exceeding the 100-mile limitation. This allows riders to avoid being stranded if they happen to drain the battery while far away from their home or desired destination.

CrownCruiser E-Bike Swappable Battery
Swappable Battery


The CrownCruiser body can be tailored to anyone’s color preferences. By upgrading to a premium color, riders can select from a choice of:

  • Sunset Orange
  • Smokey Grey
  • Bubble Gum
  • Bad Ass Blue
  • Yellow Carbon

Additionally, the CrownCruiser can be outfitted with a custom signature skin including:

  • CC Monogram
  • CC Racer
  • British Racing Green


The CrownCruiser is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The 250W RX250 model is currently priced at $3,210 (a discount of a whopping 49% from its typical $6,300 price. The 750W CrownCruiser OX750 is available for a 49% discount as well, at a $3,310 price point (the Prime Perk variant is available for $3,415 at a 51% discount of its regular price).

The payments can be made at once or, for additional flexibility they can be split into a monthly installment plan at a 46% discount of $699.