PARKIS: The smartest space-saving bicycle storage solution

Parkis Space Saving Bike Parking
PARKIS is an elegant and innovative way to park a bike.

Bikes are a great and affordable way to provide yourself, your kids and other family members with an easy route to daily exercise. They’re also terrific as an alternative to cars when you want to avoid rush-hour traffic. The trouble is, however, that bikes also take up a lot of space. When you’ve got more than one, you can end up with your porch, garage and other spaces completely dominated by bikes strewn all over.

Now there is a neat and elegant solution: PARKIS.

What is PARKIS?

In simple terms, PARKIS is a bicycle lift for your home. It takes the concept of vertical and space-saving bike rack, but makes it much easier by doing all the heavy lifting for you. On a traditional vertical bike rack, you can get the space-saving element but you also have to lift up the bikes yourself.

This can be exhausting, especially if one family is left to pick up all the bikes. PARKIS offers a neat solution with a hydraulic non-electric lifting system. You just push the bike’s front wheel into the holder and the mechanism will release, take over and push the holder upward. It couldn’t be easier to operate.

Unfussy and Maintenance Free

To see it in use, people often wonder about how the PARKIS works. Does it have to be plugged in? Does it run on batteries that need charging? The happy answer to both of these is no. PARKIS is 100-percent mechanical equipment with zero requirement for electricity.

It can be installed on just about any clear wall surface. In keeping with the spirit of saving space, the unit itself only takes up a very small amount of room. When you’ve put your bike into the system, it saves at least 40 percent of the floor space that would be taken up by a bike being left standing or lying on the ground.

Parkis Innovative Bicycle Parking

Furthermore, it works for both e-bikes and regular push bikes. In short, it’s a maintenance-free solution to all bike storage problems in the home. PARKIS can help restore order to your porch, garage and other spaces, one bicycle at a time.

4 Elegant Designs

You can choose from 4 different styles to suit your home and taste: Basic, MTB, Stainless Steel, and Exclusive. The Basic is the most popular model and features a warm, unmissable yellow design that acts as a good reminder for kids to put their bikes away. The MTB offers a similar design but with wider tire gauge for a more universal fit.

For those looking for something more durable, the Stainless Steel design is extremely sturdy. It mixes tough stainless steel with the regular anodized aluminum that the other products are made from. The Exclusive takes the Stainless Steel’s durability but adds a more stylish edge with shiny mirror finishes for a more elevated and elegant look.

And so you have different designs to suit different homes and budgets.

  • PARKIS Basic starts at €389 (about US$390)
  • PARKIS MTB starts at €376 (about US$377)
  • PARKIS Stainless Steel starts at €462 (about US$464)
  • PARKIS Exclusive starts at €531 (about US$533)

Source: PARKIS