Twicycle: Cycle using arms and legs for a full body workout

Twicycle offers full body workout by allowing you to cycle using your arms, legs or both.

Riding a bike is one of the best methods to give your body a workout. It helps improve posture, improve joint mobility, reduces stress levels, and promotes both weight loss and cardiovascular health. It also helps to strengthen both bones and muscles. However, it is hard to argue that riding a bike does more for the muscles of your lower body than for the upper portion. But what if a bike could not only enhance your leg muscles but workout your upper body similar to how rowing would?

The newly crafted Twicycle allows for not only the benefits of standard biking, but for the full workout of the upper body, including biceps, triceps, lats, shoulders, chest, and abs. An overall core strengthening regimen can be achieved by utilizing a variety of riding techniques on the Twicycle. Unlike getting this workout inside of a hot gym, this full-body workout can be enjoyed in the presence of mother nature while breathing in the fresh air and experiencing the cooling sensation of wind in your face.

Twicycle features

The Twicycle has some very practical biking uses besides the workout aspect. For instance, climbing steep inclines takes a toll on the leg muscles. However, with the ability to rotate the handlebars as a secondary pedaling system, the Twicycle creates a similar exercise for your upper body and your arms as it does for your legs, and gives you added power to move your way up the incline.

The Twicycle can be used as a standard bicycle, a handcycle (propelled exclusively by arms rotating the mobile handlebars), or a combination of the two. The Twicycle consists of carbon fiber cast arm cranks that are both ultra-strong and lightweight, permitting you to pedal into and out of turns, as well as allowing the achievement of tight maneuvers. The arm cranks possess an optional locking mechanism that can be locked in a drop bar position if desired. While locked, the handle grips can still rotate slightly, but the full system cannot assist in the front-drive position.

The Twicycle has 8 gears for each drive system. These allow the rider to adjust their suitable level of resistance just right to fit the driving conditions and topography. Because the Twicycle can be operated by both legs and arms, it has two independent drive systems, allowing coasting with either of them, depending on the particular road situation or riding style.

A chest pad protects riders from the front chainring.

The Twicycle is designed from lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, making it extremely lightweight and super powerful. Where a traditional bike would have its handlebars, the Twicycle has a chest pad that offers full-body support, suitable for riders of either gender. The chest pad prevents contact with the centered chainring on the front crank when cycling with your arms. For those riders seeking extra caution, an optional chainring cover is also available as an add-on to obscure the chain, lessening the chances of it making contact with the rider.

The brakes are located on the handles, with both front and rear braking supported. The brakes are typical caliper brakes and their cables are structured similarly to standard bikes so the chances of brake lines getting tangled up are very low. They simply move up and down, rather than intertwine in circles.

Benefits of riding a Twicycle

The Twicycle promotes a full-body workout, letting both halves of the body benefit from the use of leg and arm cranks. More pedaling limbs allow the distributing of force needed for typically challenging uphill treks, allowing the rider to build up less lactic acid in individual limbs, and allowing for longer rides due to lesser levels of riding fatigue. After all, when a rider’s legs get tired, the arms can take over, and vice versa.

The Twicycle also enhances traction on steep inclines by preventing loss of traction thanks to even weight distribution on both wheels when the rider stays in their seat.

How to get a Twicycle

The Twicycle Complete Bike Limited Edition is currently available for sale, though the numbers are currently limited. The frame sizes are available in small/medium (54 cm), medium/large (57 cm), and Xtra Large (60cm). The heights are recommended for those up to 175cm in height, 175 cm to 183 cm, and over 183 cm tall, respectively.

Depending on the frame, the Twicycle will cost anywhere between $US1,649.00 and $US1,700.00. The optional chain guard and handlebar locking clamp to use the Twicycle like a standard bike is available for an additional $US109, with only a very limited number currently available. Some assembly will be required.

The product is sold widely in the EU, shipped from the UK, with customers who reside outside of the EU confined to being responsible for the duties and import fees as per determination of their particular country’s customs. Shipments are available worldwide. If the bike is just listed as ROW (rest of the world) for shipping costs, Twicycle representatives can be contacted in order to figure out a particular price for a specific country.

The shipping costs to the U.S. will run $189, $227 to Canada, $229 to Australia/New Zealand, $269 to Israel, $69 to Germany, other countries in the EU for $139, and just $49 inside the U.K. Shipments to the rest of the world will cost $289. You can add the Twicycle to your cart and use the ‘Calculate Shipping’ and ‘Update Total’ option to confirm the shipping price to your country of residence. If the Twicycle you have ordered is in stock, the current dispatch time is 3 business days.

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